Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pull Yo Pants Up fada Black Prez and Yoself!

I don't want to see your naked behind, show me the genius of your mind.
--Marvin X

Coming Soon From Black Bird Press

Marvin X

Pull Yo Pants Up

fada Black Prez

and Yo Self!

Essays on

Obama Drama


the Hustler’s Guide to the Game Called Life

Stay connected to new generation. they really can feel you. as much as you dislike rap. your style is very hip hop. Lol! brash. raw. in your face. not givin a F what anybody thinks albeit a much stronger message.
--Muhammida El Muhajir

This is a dangerous book, for it reveals the inner workings of capitalist and imperialist governments around the world. It's a book that stands with and on behalf of the poor, the dispossessed, the despised, and downtrodden.

--Rudolph Lewis, editor, Chickenbones

You are the voice of the Black Man whose cry has been muffled by the clank of prison bars, the explosion of gunfire, and the loud silence of apathy and compliance.

--Fahizah Alim

The USA's Rumi...the politics of Baraka, the ecstasy of Hafiz, the wisdom of Saadi....

--Bob Holman

Black Bird Press
1222 Dwight Way
Berkeley CA 94702
150 pages
Mail order only
not available in bookstores

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