Saturday, June 12, 2010

Parable of Lord Have Mercy

Parable of Lord Have Mercy

A beggar came to Plato Negro asking for change to get something to eat. Plato Negro knew the man to be talented so he denied the request, even though he had at least a hundred dollars in his pocket, including change, which was all the man wanted.

When the beggar heard Plato Negro say no, he cried, "Lord have mercy!" and walked away. The words Lord Have Mercy rang like a bell in Plato's ears, suddenly he was full of fear that God was speaking to him through the beggar. No matter what Plato thought about the beggar, he knew God told him to have mercy and give the man some change--and hurry up about it!

About this time the beggar returned and Plato promptly reached into his pocket to get all his change for the beggar. Lord have mercy!
--Marvin X

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