Thursday, June 24, 2010

Parable of the General as a Rolling Stone

Parable of the General as a Rolling Stone

In action reminiscent of Harry Truman firing General MacArthur during the Korean war, President Obama relieved General McChrystal
of his duties in Afghanistan for denigrating remarks in Rolling Stone magazine.

We think the general orchestrated his departure to escape being part of America's neo-Vietnam, especially after calling for a surge of troops that have done nothing to stop the forward march of Taliban. Clearly, the Taliban has stopped the US and NATO who should have marched victoriously into Kandahar by now.

Enter General Petraeus (betray us), author of the "surge" in Iraq, although we know the "surge" was a 30 million dollar monthly payoff to the Sunni fighters, mainly in Anbar Province. This is the main reason violence decreased, not the 30,000 troops who occupied Baghdad by following the General's highly touted counter-insurgency text.

We wonder will General Betray-us come with money bags in tow? Of course, the US and NATO are already paying war lords, tribal chiefs and Taliban (two billion dollars to date) for safe passage on the roads to deliver 80% of their supplies. They paid "security fees" is Iraq as well.

The plan is to offer the Taliban fighters more billions for jobs, housing and schooling if they lay down their arms and pledge allegiance to the Mayor of Kabul, the dope dealing President Karzai, whose brother controls the opium trade that expanded since the US occupiers arrived. At least while the Taliban were in power, they curtailed the opium trade under pain of execution.

The opium has devastated the land with entire families addicted, including babies. One of the main reasons progress has been slow in constructing the Afghan army is because the soldiers are addicted. They fight for a moment, then disappear to chase the dragon.

What is most striking is the mantra that the US is in Afghanistan to deny Al Queda a sanctuary, while most sources say there are only one hundred of these socalled terrorists in that war torn nation. Why does it take 30,000 troops to defeat one hundred? When was the last time you heard Al Queda soldiers killed in Afghanistan?

Obama's policy is thus to continue the permanent war that feeds the US military-corporate complex. Hey, hey, how many did you kill today, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and soon Iran?
--Marvin X

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