Friday, June 4, 2010

The Gaza Concentration Camp

Parable of the Gaza Concentration Camp

The Jews learned nothing from the Nazi genocide, or perhaps they learned everything since the Zionist occupation of the West Bank and Gaza is sealed tight, a land of closed borders, check points, walls and innumerable spies and snitches.

Gaza is one giant concentration camp of 1.4 million inmates who live stunted lives, even denied the right to fish off their coast on the Mediterranean. The democratically elected government is denied recognition, though it has as much human right to exist as the state of Israel, if not more.
Why should Hamas recognize the Zionist entity, a usurper, land grabber, exterminator, mass killer, thugs, pirates on the high seas, state terrorist, in collusion with quisling Muslim governments and Christian America, the sycophant of sycophants, who kisses Israel's ass at every turn, even her farts America smells.

The Muslim collaborators work in league with the Zionists, especially Egypt who sealed her border to starve the concentration camp inmates, partly because Hamas is allied with the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's most formidable opposition party, and further, because Hamas is allied and supported by Shia Iran, the new/old boy on the block of Middle Eastern geo-politics.

Iran backs Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, as well as her neighbors in Iraq. Praise be to Allah somebody supports the Gaza inmates since they survive by tunneling underground to Egypt for basic life support.

The Zionist slaughter of Gazens in the last invasion was a replay of Nazi horrors, 1,500 dead, many thousands wounded, homes, mosques, schools, hospitals bombed to eternity. Clearly the Zionists learned their behavior from the Nazis. It is well known if they had not collaborated with the Nazis, they would not have survived to make the trip from Europe to Palestine to displace the Arabs.

The Gaza concentration camp is a reminder Nazism and fascism is alive and well, supported by reactionary Muslims and Christian Crusader America. Not only should Turkey dispatch ships to break the blockade, but the billion plus Muslim world should send ships to Gaza until the inmates are liberated. The irony is that the Muslim populations live under regimes no less repressive than the Zionists in occupied Palestine.

In our romanticism, we wish the Muslim ships would sail from Gaza to America to assist the 40 million North American Africans in concentration camps called ghettos and hoods, a nation of people still 3/5ths of a man, suffering involuntary servitude (slavery) under the constitution. No matter they have a president with the middle name Hussein. He is no different than Egypt's Mubarak, for they have the same agenda that supports Zionism and oppression within their own populations. Why doesn't President Obama give a general amnesty of the two million inmates in the gulags of America, since most of them are petty criminals, mostly drug addicts, mentally ill and political prisoners.
--Marvin X

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