Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Parable of Oil and White Supremacy

Parable of Oil and White Supremacy

White supremacy is America's number one addiction, not oil, which is merely a byproduct of white supremacy addiction, the malady that afflicts America like no other. To speak of oil as the addiction is the same as saying the addicts problem is dope, while we know the addict suffers issues in the deep structure of his soul that make dope a minor problem, because if you take him off dope he is still sick because the critical issue has not been attacked, only the surface problem, the medication he subjects himself with in his grand denial, the illusion that he needs dope while he only needs to face reality and transform with through revolutionary and radical action. The mad American will not stop his addiction to oil, drugs, materialism, beating his wife, or anything else until he transforms his consciousness.

Why is there this need for dope? Similarly, why is there this need for oil that is the cause of wars across the planet, including the 9/11 massacre? Why must America consume 25% of the worlds energy while only 4% of the global population.

Imagine the scramble for precious metals, minerals, water and oil that must ensue because other nations want the good life, such as China, India, Africa and Latin America. Is America prepared to share or go to war in her addiction to greed and domination?

Are they ready to detox from these issues, of course not. They need oil for their gas guzzlers, their SUVs and trucks that consume barrels of oil, additionally the petrochemical industry uses oil related products to grow food, fertilizer, insecticides, pesticides, dyes, that lead consumers directly to the pharmaceutical industry--in the Yacubian mythology: to the doctor, nurse and undertaker.

Thus we cannot recover from the addiction to oil until we give up white privilege, the need to consume at the expense of the world that must be deprived of energy while America gets drunk on it, with three and four cars (all guzzlers), giant televisions in every room that remain on 24/7,
all the conspicuous consumption Americans are drunk with--they must detox and recover.

It in this greedy addiction to things that is causing the fall of America, for we know the addict goes from bad to worse until he kills himself by overdosing on his drug of choice. Again, the drug of choice here is white supremacy greed and domination of the world's resources, no matter that most of the people in the world work for a dollar per day, exist with no clean water, no electricity, no medical care, and little education. They are exploited by capitalism/imperialism/globalism (international finance), kept in the darkest ignorance and oppression by neo-colonial governments, with politicians drunk on corruption and wickedness.

Can man recover from his addiction to materialism? This is the question, not this addiction to oil that is merely a symptom of a greater problem. America is the child in the sand box who refuses to share the space. President Obama is sadly as sick as George Bush in stressing the need to detox from oil, but not from the real addiction, white supremacy greed and domination.
--Marvin X

See Marvin X's How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, foreward by Dr. Nathan Hare, afterword by Ptah Allah El, Black Bird Press, Berkeley,2007, 111 pages, $19.95.

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