Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Parable of Leave Me 'Lone

Parable of Leave Me 'Lone

Plato Negro said just leave me 'lone, leave me 'lone. Don't fuck with me. I'm crazy, right. The craziest nigguh you ever want to fuck wit. So 'leave me lone. I don't want yo money, yo fame, fortune, yo pussy, nothing, just leave me 'lone, let me be in my negrocities.

'Leave me lone in revolution, evolution, do yo thing, get the crowds ra, ra, ra. Don't call me, leave me 'lone, in my negrocities, in peace of mind and contentment, leave me 'lone. Take all the money, glory, fame, fortune, be big willy and willie mae, just leave me 'lone, don't call me on the phone fa nothin', cause you don't want nothin' but bullshit, so leave me 'lone.

My friends are gone to revolutionary heaven, so what can you say to me but some fake shit, wannabe motherfuckers, so be what you want, just don't involve me in yo wannabe bullshit, fake revolution. Garbage can on fire revolution, on television revolution.

Where is yo fifty year plan, thirty year plan revolution, beyond the nightly news, minister of information mis-information fake revolution. Go read a book and get back to me revolution, see me in eighteen years of reading revolution prison lock down, or thirty years Mumia Abu Jamal Minister of Information revolution. Hip hop nursery rhymes ain't no revolution, let baby sleep let baby sleep beats for simple minds revolution. Get real. read a book. Become a threat to national security with your erudition, like Bobby, Huey, Eldridge.
--Marvin X

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