Sunday, June 13, 2010

Parable of Da Corner

Parable of Da Corner


Plato Negro asks conscious teachers to follow his example by going to the street corners of their communities and sharing with youth and adults, by disseminating knowledge and practical wisdom, counseling those in need of healing from trauma and unresolved grief--to be more a listener than a teacher, for only by listening can we get to the root of problems--initially the person will only reveal surface matters, but if we listen and probe softly, we may get to the deep structure, to the root and core of the problem.

Initially, the person may say he has a problem but upon probing we find the problem is not him but his mate, and then we discover he is the problem his mate is suffering, for he is actively blocking her good, though he perceives she has a problem.

The song Wake Up, Everybody said teachers must teach a new way, preachers must preach a new way, so focus on the new way. Go to the street corner and stand around, give away poster poems, life lessons, parables, fables, simple things people can comprehend in an instant, for in the digital age of i-phones, u-phones and he/she phones, there is only an instant of time to reach out to touch somebody. The major task is getting their attention.

Try getting someones attention on the streets of New York. One must say something outrageous to make them stop as they rush to the subway, e.g., do you beat your wife? That will stop a person, though you will be surprised at the answer: "No, I don't beat my wife, she beats me and I like it!"

But we must get their attention, then we enter the realm of infinite possibilities. We can probe to issues of partner violence, infidelity, patriarchal domination, anger management, sexual identity issues, racial identity problems, economic independence, unresolved grief, lack of imagination and self worth. All these matters will be revealed on the corner, if one listens, if one takes a moment to extend a kind greeting to the mentally ill. You will see you will become their friend, if no else in the world is their friend, only because you say hello to them as they pass in the midst of their madness. You will make their day.

Stand on the corner in your free time. You may be surprised to find yourself with a line of people waiting to speak with you,seeking your advice on the most simple matters, maybe a dollar for a hamburger, or two dollars to get on the bus to pick up their check. You may have DVDs and CDs for them, along with books.

If they don't have money, give them the items on credit. Trust me, the people will pay you later, if the material is relevant and inspiring. And if they tell you their friend stole their book, believe them, and be happy they stole your book--imagine a so-called Negro stole a book to raise their consciousness!
--Marvin X

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