Saturday, June 5, 2010

Parable of Parental Partiality

Surviving children of Marvin X: Marvin K, Amira,
Muhammida and Nefertiti, also grandson Jah Amiel (Amira's son, other grandchildren include Kevin, James, Jazmin, Jordan and Mahadevi).
Deceased Darrel/Abdul (RIP).

Parable of Parental Partiality

A woman asked Plato Negro which of his children expressed his personality. Immediately, he replied, all of them. The woman persisted, no, which one really expresses you. Again, Plato Negro replied all of them. the woman was not satisfied, she again asked which of your children are really you, the essence of you?

I cannot go there. I shall not go there. I cannot express partiality, and in reality it is not necessary because I see all of them expressing aspects of my personality, some more than others, but all of them are intelligent, spiritual, articulate, verbally and literally. They all have aspect of my artistic persona and my spiritual persona. And all of them have the inclination to do for self or to be economically independent.

Aside from the above, a parent must be a diplomat. He cannot appear partial, even when it is truthful, especially when to do so involves family politics, i.e., multiple mothers. I must appear fair, just and equal.

In my case, it is not difficult to do so because the truth is that I have been blessed with wonder children who express different aspects of my personality, along with their mothers and ancestors, let's be clear and truthful about this. Positive DNA comes from all sides, just as negative DNA does.

So it is not difficult to not take sides or be partial. In truth, I must say this, my deceased son, Darrel/Abdul, was a reincarnation of myself though to a higher level. Physically similar, yet intellectually he was superior and had traveled more extensively globally. So I was no match for him, just as I was no match in tennis when he beat my ass unmercifully in Reno, Nevada while I was teaching at the University of Nevada.

Truthfully, I see aspects of myself in all my children, intellectual, spiritual, economic, political. When I have tried to be emotionally partial, the reality of impartiality stepped in to let me know they all share aspects of my personality.

Every father wants his sons to reflect himself, yet when the daughters do the same he is humbled and recognizes this is not a gender issue but spiritual. It is for this reason I say sexuality and/or gender has nothing to do with spirituality, for it transcends gender. Thus our essence is not our sexuality but our spirituality.
--Marvin X

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