Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Parable of the Demons

Parable of the Demons

They come almost daily to Plato Negro. He can see them coming most of the time, especially when they get close. Their aura smells of evil, there is no concealing their vibe, it is hatred pure and simple. Often they are religious haters, usually Christian and/or Muslim. The Christians want to know if Plato Negro accepts Jesus Christ as his personal savior? No! Does he believe in the Sinners Prayer? No. Does he accept the Father, Son and Holy Ghost? No. Does he accept Jesus Christ as God? No. The Christian hater is mad, ready to fight, ready to kill.

What do you think about Jesus Christ?

I am Jesus Christ, you are Jesus Christ, he replies to the devil. The devil is perplexed.

You are not Jesus, you are Satan.

No, you are either God or you are the devil, now which one are you? As for me, I and my father are one.

You are the devil, you are not Jesus. You are a liar.

No, you are a liar and if Jesus came back you would crucify him immediately, you would throw him out of your church.

I am not Jesus, I am a human being. And you are a human being.

No, I am God and God is in me, we are one and the same, when you see me, you see God.

You lie. You are a human being, if I told someone to come here and cut you with a knife, you would bleed, so you are a human being.

No, I am divine. I am in this world but not of this world. I do not dwell on the animal plane nor the human plane. I am beyond animal and human, I am divine. My essence is not my humanity but my spirituality. And what is true for me is true for you.

The demon said Plato Negro was out of his mind, but Plato Negro suggested the demon needed to check himself into the John George Psychiatric Hospital as he was a danger to himself and other.

Plato Negro told him you believe in three gods in one, which is mathematically impossible, as you cannot put three into one.

The Demon said God has his own mathematics, so He is beyond man's math. Three can go into one, three parts make the whole.

Plato Negro said so three gods make one god? You are not making sense. I want you to leave my classroom now. I do not want to discuss this matter further with you. Please, let us end this discussion.

The Demon persisted. I am not your student. You may be the professor, but I am not your student, you cannot put me out.

You are out, please leave now. I would have never allowed you in my classroom, you are on the animal level, not even human. You do not qualify for the upper room where I dwell in my father's house. Leave.

The Demon would not leave. Her continued ranting. Plato Negro asked him why he was talking so loudly as if Plato were deaf?

The Demon lowered his voice, but asked Plato what was the name of his God?

My God is the God of the sun, moon and stars. My God was here thousands, millions, billions, trillions of years before your Jesus Christ, so how can he be God of the World? He has only been here since two thousand years ago? You don't make sense to me.

Jesus is God, that is all I know.

And what you know ain't worth two dead flies. Get out of my classroom, please, this conversation is over.

You think you know everything, you think you so smart. You are just like the devils who confronted Jesus. You don't know everything.

I do. And you do too, you know but you know not what you know. You are Jesus and you have the power of Jesus, but you know it not. You are ignut, too ignut to know your power, thus you are a danger to yourself and others. Again, you need to admit yourself to the John George Psychiatric Hospital.


  1. I do not get into with Christans of this ilk. There is no avenue for intelligent conversation with them. I find such exchanges to be a waste of time,energy and oxygen. They argue merely from what they believe and belifs have all the substance of a soap bubble and are often just as colorful. Yet beliefs are neither here or there. RA