Monday, June 14, 2010

Parable of the Solution

Parable of the Solution

DuBois said how does it feel to be a problem, but Plato Negro says how does it feel to be the solution? And yet one is totally ignored, silenced, muffled like a wild dog. But within his bowels, the North American African possesses the answer to the conundrum that perplexes the most astute and erudite, especially among the state intellectuals in perpetual crisis and Pharaoh's magicians, the religious scientists and others steeped in religiosity.

The solution is always in the problem. And once we closely examine the problem, we see there is no problem but only the solution. The problem of the so-called Negro or North American African is not the white man, but the problem of the North American African is the North American African!

Once he detoxes from his addiction to white supremacy, he is on the road to success. He can see clearly now, the fog has lifted, the veil is removed. He can stand tall now, woman beside him, children in tow, a united family, unmovable, unshakable, indivisible.

We heal by first praising the ancestors, asking their forgiveness for our collective amnesia, our sloth in recognizing they are yet among us, flowing in our DNA, alive in our memory bank, whispering in the trees, rivers, swamps, plantations, out houses, the woods along the highways and country roads, we hear them in the noonday and in the silent night as we go about our daily round.

We heal by reconnecting with the language of our soul, language that is not a language now but only alive in the music of blues, jazz and spirituals, and the music of our Motherland, we cannot heal without the music for the language was interrupted, corrupted and aborted.

We can only heal with the language of unconditional love and silence, for we must forgive them, since they know not what they say, our children, our wives and husbands, our mates, often they know not what they say.
--Marvin X

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