Saturday, June 5, 2010

Parable of the Moment

Parable of the Moment

Life is only a moment in time, a flash, and then onto the next moment that may be joy or pain, thus we must never get overly sad or overjoyed with life, all is but a moment, so enjoy the good times, a sister said, and when the bad times come, roll with the punches. In recovery they teach don't get too happy and don't get too sad.

When joy comes know sadness is soon to follow, for there is most certainly no everlasting joy, nor everlasting sadness. Al Qur'an says after difficulty comes ease. And so we flow with the flow, ever knowing positive and negative are one and the same, one cannot exist without the other, just as the sun follows rain and rain follows sun. Such is the cycle of the moment, the essence of life, thus we must cherish the moments we spend together, the days, hours, years, minutes, for then comes another time, space, energy, spirit.

The lovers thought they would never part, but in an instant it was over due to some transgression, violation of vows, trust, faith. It could be a minor or major violation, yet it is over.
One lover feels be betrayed, dishonored, but only an instant before they were the world's greatest lovers, inseparable, then the crash, they tumbled down the hill into the chasm of nothingness and dread.

The sun turned to blood, the love bed into a prison. In this moment there is silence, for words cannot heal the broken heart, the crushed spirit, only time, if then, but yes, time heals all wounds, even the broken heart, for the lovers shall come back together or they shall find themselves with another.

Now it may be the same person with a different name, if they have not mastered the lessons of life. They try to convince themselves they are with somebody new, yet it is the same old soul, transferred into another body. The habits are the same. The gullibility is the same, no lessons from past experience are mastered, in short, insanity is in the air, in the soul of lovers too ignorant to know the test of love, the many ways it is and always shall be.

And so the moment is stretched into years, sometimes with children, complicating the moment in time, standing time on its head, yet no meaning, no understanding came about. For they met in a moment of darkness, at the bar, party, drunk, a moment in time that stretched into years and lives misunderstood, for they never knew each other but merely performed meaningless rituals based on meaningless myths.

A man at a bar asked his friend why he appeared not to like the woman flirting with him. He answered, "Right, I don't like the woman flirting with me. Why should I when I have a woman at home I've been with for thirty years that I don't like."
--Marvin X

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