Thursday, June 17, 2010

Parable of Slow Dance on the Killing Floor

Parable of Slow Dance on the Killing Floor

The people were full of fear at what retribution might be coming to pharaoh since he had been so mean and evil to the people throughout his empire. He was a cruel bone crusher who showed no mercy to the poor, who gave the people slave wages and little, if any health care, when they became old, their bodies full of disease from bad food and hard labor throughout their lives.

The people could see afflictions coming upon pharaoh slowly, one after another, until there seemed to be no end to trouble in the land. There was famine here, drought there, pestilence here, accidents there, earthquakes here, tsunamis there, financial meltdown here, mass unemployment there. Oh, the people cried, surely we have done nothing, shall we suffer with Pharaoh and his magicians?

We have been innocent, loyal servants, dutiful slaves who only wanted to care for our families. We have nothing to atone for, we are the righteous, so why should we suffer the fate of pharaoh and his magicians?

We have not been evil to anyone, we have not robbed the poor, murdered the innocent, imprisoned those who protested his wicked treatment of the oppressed masses. We have not taken the wealth of nations, occupied their land with armies while we plundered their gold, silver and precious metals, oil and water.

Why is the calamity coming upon us when we are innocent? We harmed no one, yet we see the mouth of the monster about to consume us all. Oh, what shall we do, where shall we run, where is the hiding place in the belly of this great beast, this serpent who deceived the world with lies and falsehoods to no end, who talks peace but makes war throughout the land?

Oh, God, help us for we see the plagues coming from the sea, volcanoes , hurricanes, tornadoes, and diseases of every kind. Let us not suffer with Pharaoh, let us slip away from him and his magicians. But where can we go? Shall the fire consume us, shall the water drown us along with pharaoh? What justice is this? We are the innocent who suffer the lashing of the evil ones in the house of pharaoh.

Even the food is inedible , the water not potable. How shall we quench our thirst, fill our hungry bellies, feed our weary wives and children, the elderly and disabled? Oh, help us, Lord, let us not suffer the fate of pharaoh and his magicians.
--Marvin X

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