Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rudolph Lewis
Rudolph LewisMay 12, 2010 at 2:34pm
Re: Parables, Fables, Musings of Plato Negro by Marvin X: Parable of the Reader's Theatre
Brother, you always amaze me. The way you can turn out a piece every day of the year, 356 days, or however many there are you are always on the case, sometimes three or four pieces if there is a hot subject. I mean all over the wide wide world web. And be on Da corner, too. Fantastic!

You know, I like those Westerns--I was born and raised up in that age--in which there is always some white cat (tall and rugged) who is handy with a gun, you know, the fastest gun or firearmed man in the West, especially in those Spaghetti Westerns out of Italy in which Clint Eastwood became so famous.

Well, if it wasn't the fastest hand it was the man with the biggest balls in town who just couldn't be stared down or the man in which bullets just passed him by without putting holes in his garments.

Well, Brother Marvin, you got the fastest pen or fingers (as it would be in our computer age) in the West. You have no peer in that regard. You are the Great One of the Internet. You have no match: none can stand up to the work you do daily. You are omnipresent, like a god. In nour case a Black God whose nose is still in tact.

I like this piece O Great One, this "Toward A Readers Theatre." I will try to get up on ChickenBones as fast as I can. Keep in mind I don't have your power, your energy, your speecd. So you'll have to be patient with my shortcmongs.

Loving you madly Rudy

Rudolph Lewis, Editor
ChickenBones: A Journal

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