Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Parable of I Shot the Sheriff

Parable of I Shot the Sheriff

Jamaica is caught up in the drama of drugs, guns and politics, much like Mexico and America, the ultimate destination for drugs and the transport point of guns that is not a "drug war" but the every day, business as usual filthy capitalist swine globalism. Just as in Mexico, the Jamaican drug war in Kingston cannot be separated from politics. The party in power apparently has been long involved in narcotics trafficking, and probably the opposition party as well.

Similarly, in the US, there are politicians known for having their hands in the cookie jar of the drug cartels. The assassination of journalist Chauncey Bailey was supposedly because he was researching the involvement of then Mayor Jerry Brown (now running for governor of Cali) and the Oakland Police Department in the drug trade. Jerry Brown's Internet records as mayor disappeared when he departed to become Calif attorney general. Ironically, the present mayor Ron Dellums asked the attorney general to investigate the investigation of Chauncey's assassination. We say the investigator of the investigation needs to be investigated. Supposedly, the OPD were working in tandem with Oakland's Mexican d rug gangs to eliminate black drug dealers and replace them with members of the Mexican cartel. The Muslims were used to launder drugs, money and jewelry seized by the OPD, then ordered to whack Chauncey. Well, the chief adviser and mentor of the young Muslim brothers was a police officer who was also in charge of the crime scene, who also lead a raid on the Muslim compound less than 24 hours after the assassination, seizing the murder weapon and getting a suspect to confess.

Dudus Coke, aka Da Prez

Meanwhile, back in Jamaica, Kingston is under seize with police and soldiers supposedly looking for the drug kingpin who's vowed not to be t aken alive, fearing the fate of his father who was burned alive in jail while awaiting extradition to the US. Someone feared he might sing like a little black bird.

His son vows he won't be a black bird, and apparently he has an army of the poor to protect him since he is considered their Robin Hood, feeding, schooling and burying the poor, a de facto governor of the underclass in this highly stratified society of upper class mulattoes and underclass dark skinned Africans.

In the police/army siege of a Kingston neighborhood, 44 people have died so far, and Robin Hood is nowhere to be found. I shot the sheriff, but I didn't get the deputy!
--Marvin X

P.S. Happy birthday Ancestor Miles Dewey Davis!

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