Sunday, May 2, 2010

Parable of the Immigrant (El Muhajir)

Parable of the Immigrant (El Muhajir)

Some came to America as kidnappers, others came as the kidnapped. Some came as rapists, others as the raped, before, during and after they arrived. Some came as land grabbing thieves in the night and in the day, calling themselves Puritans, even had the nerve to have dinner with those hoodwinked and bamboozled out of their land with fake handshakes and smiling faces that lied, lied, lied!

They committed genocide on the Native people, those remaining were put in concentration camps called reservations where they exist today in conditions of squalor.

The kidnapped and raped Africans endured eternal servitude but at least they became 3/5ths of a man under the glorious constitution of the founding fathers, fathers of many slave children!

After emancipation the Africans could again be enslaved legally if put in prison, so the ruling illegal immigrants created a new industry with African prison labor. Of course most of the imprisoned Africans were held on petty crimes, many times without proper legal representation.
Most of their crimes involved economic crimes since they were perennially unemployed. Why would they be employed when they were worth $50,000.00 per inmate annually, and there were two million in prison, along with Native Americans, Latinos and poor whites.

Nearly all of the imprisoned immigrants were under the influence of drugs at the time of their arrest. Many were dual diagnosed, i.e., drug addicted and mentally ill. So aside from the jails and prisons as slave labor camps, they were drug recovery centers and mental wards, without treatment for addiction or mental illness.

This underclass of immigrants were often charged with violating the "Black Codes," a residue from slavery. They could be arrested for walking or driving while black or brown. We wonder when will the day come when the whites shall be arrested for walking and driving while white, especially since the black,brown and whites were all immigrants, although many of the black and brown had lived here thousands of years before the whites arrived to steal the land in the name of some scam called democracy, yeah, demon-ocracy!

They have convinced the world they are legal immigrants, but in truth they should be imprisoned for kidnapping, rape, robbery, homicide, genocide and other crimes against humanity. One day the indigenous people shall hold court to adjudicate the crimes of the illegal oppressor immigrants. After all, every American citizen is illegal. Ask the indigenous people!
--Marvin X

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