Friday, May 28, 2010

Comments on the Parable of the Negro as Terrorist

From: Marvin X Jackmon
To: Lionel Mandy <

Sent: Thu, May 27, 2010 11:58:38 AM
Subject: Parable of the Negro as Terrorist

Mandy, what an awesome statement you made, yet how true. The tragedy of your statement is that is has far flung implications for the social psychology of our community. I was recently attacked and had the mike snatched from my hand at Oakland's Laney College for, among other things, saying the lesbians and gays are misdirected with their focus on their sexuality as opposed to their humanity, since we were brought over here as human beings regarded as property, not for our sexuality, so how can that be our focus? But lesbians are now en vogue because of what? In war the men are destroyed and the women taken as booty. So our women are now booty to each other, donning the persona of the man in many cases, yet ignorant of the tragic reality that their sexuality is directly related to the destruction of their men.
--Marvin X

From: Lionel Mandy
To: Marvin X Jackmon
Sent: Thu, May 27, 2010 11:42:42 AM
Subject: Parable of the Negro as Terrorist

Greetings Marvin from socal! How are you?

We have just successfully graduated a new class of mentally incarcerated students at CSULB, and are now preparing for the next class. It is just as true that mental incarceration takes place in our institutions of lower learning as it is that our freedom fighters are trained in the penitentiary.

Be well.

Lionel Mandy

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