Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parable of the Negro as Terrorist

Parable of the Negro as Terrorist

In the end the Negro will be the terrorist!
--Amiri Baraka

American Muslim terrorists are recruited in US prisons.
--Charles Colson, Christian Prison Ministries

Terrorism is the consequence of political ostracism, not religious fanaticism. It is fermented
not in the mosques of Egypt or the madrassas of Pakistan but in the solitary confinement
cells, torture chambers, and the environment of fear wielded by dictatorial regimes.
--Ayman Al Amir, journalist

The weapons of today are not guns but consciousness.
--Fidel Castro

As the people on the lowest level of American society, it must be expected and accepted that the so-called Negro, aka North American African, African American, has every right to make revolution, to seize power from the hands of the oppressor, that 1-10 % of the ruling class who own 90% of the wealth.

The so-called Negro is the outsider, the rejected and despised who feels no loyalty whatsoever to the United Snakes of America. He gives a tinkers damn about terrorists coming to destroy America. He reacted with glee on 9/11 as the chickens came home to roost! We recorded the response of the masses on 9/11 in Newark, New Jersey, downtown at Broad and Market. Their point of view has never been seen or heard--an agent provocateur seized the video tapes.

In the depths of his prison cell, why shouldn't he listen to Muslim inmates teaching him fundamental Islam, yes, that radical version that instructs him to give his life to fight oppression, that persecution is worse than slaughter? After all, he is indeed slaughtered in the streets of the hood, a death lighter than a feather. In life he is treated worse than a dog, a horse, for America would never treat a dog or horse as she treats the so-called Negro.

Yes, he has a black President who is afraid to say the word black, to openly address any black issues, fearing the right wing and left wing pseudo liberals will cry partiality , so he languishes in the same squalor he has for centuries, jobless, homeless, mentally depressed, diseased, miseducated, incarcerated, separated and alienated (even when he's in the house) from his woman and children.

The so-called Negro thus has the human and divine right to revolt, to make radical changes in the status quo, yes, by any means necessary. In the process of standing up, of shedding the persona of the stunted man, the mentally destabilized, he shall be called terrorist.

But one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. Was not George Washington and his buddies considered terrorists by the Mother country England? How did Batista describe Fidel Castro? Was not freedom fighter Nelson Mandela imprisoned for being a terrorist? The freedom fighters Hamas and Hezbollah, the Viet Cong, Black Panthers? Who did J. Edgar Hoover say was a threat to the national security of the United States? Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, SNCC, CORE, NAACP or any leader or potential leader or freedom fighter.

What does such a label matter to the oppressed, life is more than a label, it is the existential reality that matters. The only thing that matters is how the freedom fighters view themselves and how the oppressed masses view them, not the state sponsored intellectuals, reactionary artists, pharonic loving entertainers, those buffoons, coons, minstrels, the black bourgeoisie, especially the elected politicians who bathe in corruption and enslavement to lobbyists of the most servile kind, the religious sycophants and other collaborators with oppression.

What matters is who feeds the poor when hungry, who will give them a dollar for a hamburger, a cup of coffee; who educates them with conscious literature that makes them thirst for more; who gives them medical care when their feet are sore, blood pressure high, or have a tooth ache; who clothes them when naked, who counsels them when there is partner violence; who teaches them how to focus their anger on the oppressor rather than each other, especially their mate.

Yeah, beat your boss! I made the mistake of asking for the boss at a Communist book store in San Francisco. The comrades laughed and said, "Boss? We killed the boss. That's what the revolution was about. We are the boss!"

Yes, those who fight the exploiter of their labor shall be called terrorists by the robbers, who rob with the backing of police and military, with the blessing of the religious swine and educated elite, the media jackanapes who perpetuate the world of make believe to keep the oppressed addicted to conspicuous consumption, drunk on trinkets, gadgets, animal skins, rocks and dope. Dr. Nathan Hare tells us no amount of such illusions and diversions will satisfy the social angst and shattered cultural strivings of the oppressed. Only through the process of revolution can the oppressed regain their mental equilibrium or sanity, their mental health, the precursor to their physical health, economic, spiritual and political health.

Rise up, so-called negro, throw the chains off your brains! You can call me joe, willie, sam, but I don't give a damn about you, Babylon the Great!
--Marvin X

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