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Parable of the Religious Haters

Parable of the Religious Haters

There are haters in the hood. They hate you because they hate themselves, so their hatred of you is self hatred. Their actions to block you at every turn should be called hate crimes, including most of the homicides by black on black persons, but only when a black kills a white is it declared a hate crime, so the killing of one black by another is nothing, of no consequence, as we see in the freedom of the man who killed Malcolm X, one of our greatest revolutionary heroes, but blacks quietly accept his release from prison because most of them hated Malcolm X as much as the white man, simply because they were taught to hate self and kind.

Much of the hatred in America and the hood is religious based. If one is not a certain kind of Christian, one is hated. If you are a white Christian, there are perks for you, even in heaven. You know there will be a white God, Jesus or whatever awaiting your entry to the pearly gates. Peter will allow you inside on the basis of your white face and white angels will be waiting on you hand and foot.

If you are black, do not think of going to white heaven, even though you are a Christian who said the sinner’s prayer, accepted the grace of Jesus Christ, yet you are black, so you are damned to hell, sorry! You can say you are a Christian but you can still be lynched, assassinated or whatever. Sorry!

If we could figure out a way to make you part of the white Christian family, we might be able to save you.

Bill Moyers asked liberation theologist Dr. James Cone how can blacks still believe in God, how can they still love God after our sojourn in America? Rev. Cone answered, “The question is not how we can love God, but how can we love you!”

Of course, 11am Sunday morning is still the most segregated hour in America. Clearly, there are two differing mythologies on heaven, a black one and a white one. To believe otherwise is to believe in the tooth fairy, to believe all the white racist science and knowledge taught in the schools, universities and colleges across this land, information that has put many blacks, along with whites, in mental institutions and therapy for the remainder of their lives.

But black Christians are full of hatred as well. Even though they understand very little about the racist King James version of the Holy Bible, they are willing to kill over it, especially if you are not a member of their church or sect, cult, storefront temple with ten members all family related!

Let us move from beating up Christians to those holier than thou Muslims who claim Muhammad of Arabia as their prophet, and no prophets after him, even though Chiekh Anta Diop, Dr. Ben, Drusillia Houston, J.A. Rogers and others have debunked this mythology. But the Negro Muslims are more Arab than Arabs in their addiction to racist Arab mythology that claims Muhammad as the founder of Islam, while he merely transferred ancient African teachings down to the present era, knowledge he had gleaned from the Africans, Jew, Christians and most importantly, the aboriginal Arabians!

It is a historical fact that the fundamental ideals of Islam were in Arabia a thousand years before Muhammad, especially when African and Arabia were one and the same, culturally (including linguistically), politically, economically, from the Nile to the Persian Gulf, from Saba to Jerusalem.

The Canaanites and Egyptians were brothers long before Abraham wandered into Jerusalem to give birth to the Hebrews and later the Arabs through their black mother Hajar, the Egyptian maid of Sarah, Abraham’s wife!

Thus the three great Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are African, as Dr. Ben taught us so many long years ago. I heard him lecture in Harlem when I came there underground as a draft resister to the war in Vietnam, 1968!

Long live Dr. Ben. Isn’t it ironic that after his attacks on Islam, mainly its racism and role in the slave trade, he could find no “black institutions, “including Harlem’s Schomberg Library and the numerous Negro colleges and universities to donate his 25,000 volume library, so he gave it to the Nation of Islam.

Muslims are supposedly those who submit to the One God, Allah. There is an interesting section of notes in the Yusef Ali translation of the Holy Qur’an entitled Egyptian Religion and its steps toward Islam. This chronology traces the rebellion of Akhenaton and his concept of the One God, including the reactionary behavior of the Amen priests who attempted to erase all evidence of his regime from Egyptian history, thankfully we are still blessed with his hymn to the Sun, one of the earliest adorations to the One God or monotheism.

His hymn to the Sun presents an aboriginal declaration to so-called monotheism, yet thousands of years before Islam, Judaism and Christianity—not actually monotheism but Trinitarian belief, established in the Council of Nicia, 332 A.D.

This only indicates man was created Muslim, one in submission to the Oneness of Creation. Did primitive man make a Shahada? No, he had enough common sense (that is not too common these days) that man lives in submission to the Supreme Being, that man is in God and God is in man!

Man is in the Sun, Moon and Stars, and the Sun, Moon and Stars are within man. Man is in the oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, trees, fish, cows, horses, bees, ants, horses, fly, snakes and all that is vital and real with the energy of Creation.

Religion, whether Christian, Islamic, Tradition African, Jewish, Rasta, is a feeble attempt to arrive at simple Spirituality, that we are in God and God is in us!

Religion is a simple minded attempt to configure a sacred tradition for those believers so the priest craft can wield power over the ignorant believers, making them willing to kill to maintain a tradition of wretched ignorance and dogmatic religiosity.

It is a selfish maneuver of the powerful to enslave the less powerful. It will not wash in the present era of pervasive information. The priests/preachers/ministers/imams in all religions have been revealed as fakes, frauds and charlatans of the most servile kind, not to mention their sexual excesses that are an abomination before the Lord!

Of course they reject the Shaman who reveals all to those willing to hear all, willing to stand naked in the hall of truth before the god of all truth, who is willing to have his turn on the scale of balance between the feather and the lie! Somebody say Ache! Somebody say hallelujah! Somebody say Amen and Amin!

Negroes in their sick desire to latch onto anything given to them by teachers other than their own kind such as Elijah Muhammad, Noble Drew Ali and others, will kiss and suck the Arab Muslim theology hook, line and sinker, becoming more Arab than the Arab, claiming they are Sunni Muslims while the Sunni Muslim hate their asses with a passion only equaled by white American racist Christians. One o’clock Friday is the most racist hour in Islam, just as 11am Sunday is the most racist hour in Christianity!

Despite the fact that all Islamic nations have their own traditions, on saints, savior, Mahdis, Messiahs, prophets, holy cities, shrines, the Negro is too drunk with Arab myth/ritual to even consider African Islamic tradition, too stupid to understand African Sufi Islam, such as the tradition of the holy city of Tuba in Senegal and the holy warrior Bamba who fought French colonialism.

But the Negro American Muslim, especially those Sunni Negroes, will kiss Saudi Arabia into the sunset, exchanging Jesus for another Arab named Muhammad, while Muhammad acknowledged his supreme debt to the African Bilal Ibn Rahab, the first convert to Islam and the Muezzin. Muhammad said he heard Bilal's footsteps ahead of his in paradise. Seems Negroes should praise Bilal as their prophet.

But no, Negro Muslims are too sick with Arabism to give praise to Bilal. Warithdin tried until his Saudi Arabian benefactors checked him with their pocketbook! For a moment Wartithdin called his followers Bilalian, but this was too Afrocentric for the Arab racists, who at this moment could free Palestine except for their sycophantic, symbiotic relationship with Zionism and American imperialism. Thus oil politics delays the liberation of Palestine.

They will allow the Palestinians to live in squalor another hundred years rather than liberate them with their oil power, for to do so would ignite the Arab masses existing in worse conditions than the Palestinians within the quisling Arab regimes.

We support Hamas and Hezbollah because they have demonstrated their sincere desire to free themselves by any means necessary. If Shia Iran supports them rather than the quisling Sunni governments in Egypt, Jordan, Sudan, and the Persian Gulf regimes, too bad.

I'd rather be a Shia than a punk ass Sunni claiming to represent prophet Muhammad when we know the prophet liberated oppressive peoples, he didn't collaborate with oppressor regimes. There is no excuse for over a billion Muslims claiming belief in Allah to allow a few million Zionists Jews and their American benefactors to oppress their brothers and sisters in occupied Palestine. Muslims have no right to sleep until Palestine is liberated!

--Marvin X


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