Monday, May 17, 2010

Parable of the Tour

Parable of the Tour
The poet on tour must stay focused because he cannot get hung up at any point, in any town or in transit. The rule is simple: not only must you get in the pussy but you must get out the pussy. Don't be like R. Kelly and end up in the closet with a 9mm. No, be on focus and understand you must stay on your Ps and Qs at every point. You have a schedule, planes to catch, trains to board, so you cannot get caught up at any point.

Baby girl might look good, and the pussy might be good but you can't get stuck in the pussy and miss your flight. What you look like with your dick in your hand and heart racing?

So stay focused. Get up early, travel light, and don't travel with fools and square ass nigguhs. Nigguhs want to keep earphones in their ears while on the New York subway. Naw, nigguh, you better be aware of your surroundings and check out everything moving. You miss a stop and your appointment is blown, forget it! In New York ain't none of that Cali bullshit bout arriving an hour late, or five minutes late, naw, nigguh, be on time or forget it with that Cali bullshit.

You can't get caught up tripping with a punk ass nigguh in some ignut dirty south town, in the Big H or ATL, naw, let them ignut dirty south nigguhs go. You got to be in DC in the morning. DC is bad enough, south enough. Want some sweet tea and dirty rice?

Don't trip in DC, you got to be in Philly, yeah, the funky Philly Dog, then Newark. Oh, Lord, Red Cap said Newark and them nigguhs jumped off the train, thought the Red Cap said New York! They been in Newark ever since, never been to New York.

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