Monday, May 31, 2010

Parable of Trinkets & Gadgets

Parable of Trinkets & Gadgets

On the roadside a man was selling trinkets and gadgets of every kind, rocks, shells, skins,
electronic equipment, giant screen televisions, Ipads, Ipods,
blackberries, redberries,
even bodies and the souls of men were for sale.

Stopping by was a fleet of Mercedes full of kings, prime ministers and presidents for
life. They fought each other on the roadside for the precious rocks and
metals, animal skins, even wigs and huge plastic containers of bleaching
cream, a precious mineral for their wives--their body guards pointing
AK47s at each other to get first choice at the items from the world of
make believe and conspicuous consumption.

One king only wanted high tech gadgets, although his kingdom was in drought and famine, had
no clean water, but a dungeon full of political prisoners. A prime
minister wanted precious animal skins for his many wives. A president
for life wanted rocks and precious metals although his country was full
of people with HIV/AIDS. There were no clinics, no drugs,no clean water,
no clean needles, no doctors, no nurses in his nation. The doctors and
nurses all went abroad to Europe where they could earn better wages.

Another prime minister bought virgins for his harem , so he could entertain
foreign guests while they plundered his land and make electronic money
transfers to Europe and America, one and the same, thank you God for
this precious knowledge.

Business was so brisk there was a traffic jam on the road, mainly caused by the fleet of Mercedes
competing for parking space along the road. Of course some of them
double parked on the single lane road.

The bodyguards pulled their weapons on each other to secure parking space. If one Mercedes
accidentally hit another, the guards would shoot at each playfully. A
king would wave his hand out the window and they would stop shooting
into the air.

When the vendors quickly sold out trinkets and gadgets, the VIPs were on their way, the fleet of cars leaving in a
cloud of dust to their respective nations or to the nearest airport.
--Marvin X

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