Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parable of the Man who talked to no one

Parable of the Man Who Talked to No One

I'm the dope man. I got the best dope in town. I challenge anyone to test my dope, yes, my thirty hitter. When some brothers heard me say I had a thirty hitter book, one of them flashed on his past life on dope.

He said once an African brother told him he had some twenty hitter dope. The brother had no knowledge of dope so it didn't mean anything to him until he let a dope fiend friend test it. The dope fiend went into an epileptic seizure. The other brothers present didn't try to help the dope fiend having the seizure but stepped over him to get the dope that caused the seizure in their friend. The dope fiend's mantra is "Give me the dope that killed my buddy."

So yes, I have a thirty hitter book of conscious knowledge. You can't call me on the phone for my dope. I don't have no phone. If you don't know me, I don't want to know you cause I got the best dope in town and it sells itself. If you ain't no hundred dollar nigguh, I don't want to fuck with you. Why do I want to fuck with a two dollar nigguh when I got hunid dollar dope? Don't come near me wit yo two dollar dope money. See Joe, Willie, Sam, Betty, Petra with the two dollar nigguh dope package.

One hit and you butt naked, in the middle of the street foaming at the mouth. Bells ringing in yo ears. Now see if that happens with your two dollar book, five, ten, twenty or thirty dollar book!

Read one parable and your life is blown, you realize you've been a sucker your whole life, a trick.
Read the Parable of the Real Woman, Parable of the Woman in the Box, Parable of the Pit Bull, Parable of the Gangsta, Parable of the Heart, any of them will spring your mind and rock your world!

Don't call me because I have no phone and you have nothing to say except bullshit of the highest order. You want to tell me you want to write a book but people tell me that every day of the week and not one of you have listened to my advice. Write one page a day, after thirty days get back to me with your thirty pages. Not one of you "nigguhs" have gotten back to me, so leave me the fuck alone in my, yes, negrocities, since I'm the "real" Negro, and you are, what, the fake?

Leave me alone, at least I am productive and creative, can you say the same?
--Marvin X

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