Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Parable of the Mike

Parable of the Mike

Oakland's Laney College black bourgeoisie administration demanded BSU leaders seize the mike from Marvin X, poet, playwright, essayist and former instructor in the Laney College theatre department. Seizing the mike was better than having me arrested by campus police as the administration did back in 1981 when I taught theatre.

Marvin X was invited to Laney by BSU students to celebrate Malcolm X. The theme was Malcolm X Beyond Militancy. BSU leaders briefed Marvin on what they wanted him to address. They wanted him to speak on student apathy, disunity, lack of radical consciousness. They begged him to "wake the students up with something strong that will make them think."

Marvin took the mike and tried to honor his hosts. He first cited the theme Malcolm X Beyond Militancy. He said you can be militant about anything, a skateboard, a football game, but it ain't revolutionary. Malcolm was a revolutionary who called for radical change, this is beyond militant.
If students are not trying to be revolutionary and talk about change and seizing power, then they should not use the name Malcolm X, they should keep Malcolm out of their mouths!

Your lackadaisical , passive attitude will get you out of Laney College because budget cuts are coming after you. And if you don't demand your rights to the budget, you will not be here. So continue partying and bullshitting, Marvin X said, quoting his comrades from the Black Arts Movement, the Last Poets. Yes, just keep partying and bullshitting and you will not be here. Already, you black brothers are lucky to be here. For every one of you here, four of your brothers are in prison, so you should take seriously what your mission is here.

You can try to get an edumakation, but you better try to do what Huey, Bobby, myself and others did at Merritt College back in the day. We studied on our own, studied black consciousness and other subjects. We didn't wait for teachers to tell us shit. We were self directed.

Now I know most of only care about pussy and dick matters. Who's fucking whom and related matters. You brothers think your girl's pussy is yours, but brother, check it out, you don't have a pusssy! Do you bleed five days a month, brother? Then you don't have a pussy. She has a pussy and she can do what she wants with it. (Applause from women)

Now you gays and lesbians think it's all about your sexuality, but you weren't brought on slave ships because you were gay or lesbian. It was because you were human beings regarded as property, so get that straight. It ain't about your sexuality but your humanity! (Slight boos from gays and lesbians).

Just know you are not at Laney College for pussy and dick games, but to help liberate your people!

About this time a BSU brother told Marvin the faculty supervisor demanded he take the mike, so Marvin X gave it to him, ending with As-Salaam-Alaikum!