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Parable of the White Man

Parable of the White Man

We rejected the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in his classic book Message to the Black Man, so today the white man, yes, the white devil, Yacub’s grafted being, is teaching his people from Message to the Black Man. On the popular AM radio show Coast to Coast Live, recently featured on the TV show Nightline, for years, the white man has been talking about many of the notions Elijah tried to tell us in his book and Supreme Wisdom. At least the hip hop generation has a version of Supreme Wisdom in the Five Percent philosophy so popular with rappers.

We must say that even the blacks, including and especially, the followers of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad may have gotten Supreme Wisdom but they didn’t get it, they didn’t believe it and didn’t try to implement some of his practical do for self teachings that went beyond mythology and capital accumulation but toward nation building.

Eighty years after the birth of the NOI, we should be closer to realizing our national aspirations but talk of Nation Time is far from the lips of nationalists, revolutionary nationalists, Pan Africanists and any others with pretence of nationalism. In fact, nationalism is a dirty word, and even those who espouse any degree of nationalism are considered narrow minded, especially if they don’t give priority to Pan Africanism or the multi-culturals, the last term considered the new word for failed integration by Dr. Julia Hare.

We have gone from Black Studies to Diaspora Studies, since the focus on Black Studies gave priority to the so-called Negro and the white man has no intention to permit his certified Negro scholars to address the critical issues of mis-education, disparities in health care, post-slavery trauma and unresolved grief, economic parity, incarceration and the need for a general amnesty since 80% of inmates are dual diagnosed, i.e., suffer drug abuse and mental illness. And more importantly, would be free if they had proper legal representation during their trials.

But night after night, month after month, a white version of Message to the Black Man is being taught and discussed by white authors, scholars, and scientists, and even common white people give their testimonies to verify the teachings that range from extra-terrestrial
beings on earth and how their space craft enter on a constant basis, abducting humans at will and subjecting them to experiments, including sexual intercourse and giving birth to earth/ET creatures that are and have been a part of earth’s population for trillions of years.

As Elijah taught, the Message to the White Man people claim the only so-called humans who shall remain on earth are the aboriginal Africans, all others must depart the planet because they were only here for a lesson and they have failed to learn it, so their time is up. They shall leave earth for some other planet where they must continue to study civility but they shall not be allowed to live on earth.

Message to the White Man people are to be congratulated for at least getting the truth to their people. After all, very few blacks listen to AM radio, even though Coast to Coast Live is on late nights when blacks are up partying and bullshitting, as the Last Poets taught us.

Authors, scholars, scientists and other experts give one, two, and three hour discussions
On how the US Government has suppressed information about inter space travel, and UFO’s and ET’s being in and out of here for trillions of years, along with man himself.
Of course, such information is beyond western history or even mythology, but is quite familiar to anyone with an iota of Supreme Wisdom. Elijah told us the Aboriginal Asiatic Black man has been here trillions of years, at least since the moon separated from the earth 66 trillion years ago.

As per UFO’s, last year whites in Texas claimed they saw a space ship with dimensions of one mile by a half mile, the exact dimensions of the Mother Ship described in Message to the Black Man.

In the Myth of Yacub, Elijah told you how the white man was created by genetic engineering, by separating the dominant gene from the recessive gene until the humans reached the final color stage of white or colored. Yes, the colored man is the white man. Now tell that to the NAACP and other foolish blacks calling themselves colored to be in harmony with the multi-culturals.

Yet, for ages animals have been cloned, such as the horse into mule and donkey, and we know the whites in their bio-tech labs have cloned animals and humans—of course they will disclose the human cloning to you at the appropriate time. Just as they have kept knowledge of the UFO’s from you because that would reveal your national security was breached and thus the trillion dollar defense budget is a sham or scam as it was revealed on 9/11. Do you really believe some ignorant Arabs could fly airplanes undetected up and down the east coast with the US Air Force unable to attack and destroy them? Well, what might you do if you were told alien beings enter the earth in general and the US in particular on a nightly or daily basis, at will and unobstructed, unable to be prevented by any planes or missiles or devices known to man? You might flick your bick! You might have a panic attack and die. You would certainly not believe you were secured by your government.

For years, Coast to Coast has discussed UFO’s and ET’s. Common people have reported being abducted and taken aboard space crafts for examinations and even sexual intercourse, and some persons claim to have given birth to human/alien beings. In short, there are many ET’s walking our streets appearing in the guise of human beings.

Message to the White Man scholars have totally smashed and destroyed the traditional Western chronology of history and time, just as Message to the Black Man Supreme Wisdom transcended and made obsolete Black Studies, Africana Studies, Pan African Studies, Diaspora Studies, or whatever it is so-called Negroes are certified to teach. As the Message to the White Man scholars noted, knowledge is based on whatever regime is in power. With White Supremacy in power, all knowledge must be approved by the White Supremacy rulers, including politicians, preachers and teachers; they all agree on the validity of information—let us not fail to mention the media witch doctors.

But Western history and this includes Black Studies or more precisely, Flat Studies—Black Studies is a few trillion years behind Supreme Wisdom, for the academic master’s only allow the Blacks, Africans or whatever they are, to pontificate a chronology that is only a few thousand or million years longer than that taught by their master’s. Thus, white history is a fict and most of what is taught as black history. To say our history is mainly American slavery and African civilization is yet a mis-education of the so-called Negro, since it is a fact, not a fict (Dr. Nathan Hare’s fictive theory that everything is a fiction until proven to be a fact) that, as Elijah taught, everywhere we go on the planet earth we find evidence of the Aboriginal Asiatic Black man and woman. Standard research claims we are four million years old, but Elijah debunked this and the Message to the White Man scholars as well.

Both white and black traditional scholars have been exposed for the pitiful teachers of Miller Lite White Supremacy knowledge. Message to the White Man scholars have essentially validated Elijah’s Supreme Wisdom which should have been the foundation of Black Studies, but the so-called Negroes were so smart they outsmarted themselves.
When I taught Black Studies at Fresno State University, 1969, one of my texts was Message to the Black Man. My journalism students were required to read Muhammad Speaks newspaper.

But of course, in order to be certified by the White Supremacy powers, so-called Negro professors could not nor would not teach from Message to the Black Man and/or Supreme Wisdom. Elijah’s teachings were considered poppycock, while we now see it is Western and Black Studies that is poppycock. As my junior colleague Ptah Allah El (Tracy Mitchell) says, “Black Studies when to college and never came home.” Yes, forty years later we are now considering the original mission of Black Studies: to uplift the community and to teach an alternative pedagogy than the white supremacy curriculum.
Black Studies or whatever names its called to satisfy the white colonial masters, is either going to jump out of the box of “the earth is flat” studies or follow the Message to the White Man scholars and approach the philosophy of Supreme Wisdom, whether they like it or not, whether they believe it or not, for with each passing moment it is approaching actual fact rather than fict!

Take for example, the concern with the coming end of the world, 2012. Even our youth are living in fear the end of the world is only two years away. But Elijah taught us the Aboriginal Black man’s history is written every twenty-five thousand years, a cycle of time based on the distance around the earth. Thus, 2012 is a new era or time cycle, an era of Divine or God consciousness rather than the previous cycle of animal or human consciousness. All thinking other than Divine, all behavior other than Divine, shall be prevented. All those not on the Divine plane shall get up outta here—don’t matter where they go. The innocent shall be removed as well. They were told in the Bible they would be destroyed for lack of knowledge, so ignorance shall be no excuse. Flat Studies shall get you nowhere but outta here. The party’s over, and you gotta go somewhere, for sure, you gotta get outta here!

The philosopher, mystic, poet, musician, Sun Ra, tried to tell you we were originally from somewhere else—and this is contrary to the Message to the White Man people, because as I noted above, they claim we are the aboriginals of earth, but we know the Message to the White Man people are just getting a grip on what’s really going on in the universe. But Sun Ra taught when our people sang Swing Low Sweet Chariot; they were speaking of space ships, for what kind of chariot can swing low? And for sure, no Africans flying airplanes have landed to make even a symbolic gesture to return us to Africa. We have yet to see Nigerian Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Egyptian Airlines or Air Jamaica land with the express purpose of swingin low to take us home. Only thing we know is that a young Nigerian brother boarded a plane without a passport to arrive here on Xmas day to blow us up!

It should be clear as we enter the new age of the next 25,000 year cycle, the old wisdom is exhausted, obsolete and must be abandoned, and that a new body of knowledge is required, new thinking and most of all, new acting, as we enter the post-black, post 9/11 and post-2012. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot!
--Marvin X

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