Monday, April 5, 2010

Parable of the Poor Righteous Teacher

for Haki Madhubuti (Don L. Lee)

Sooner or later, they always come for the teacher. After all, the more popular, the more dangerous. The more serious and sincere, the more a threat to the bourgeoisie whose philosophy is do nothing, say nothing, know nothing. Thus, the serious teacher has no seat at the table. Yes, he is tolerated for a time, maybe a long time, but the plot was hatched the first day he arrived to teach, when the contract was signed, his doom was sealed.

No matter what chairs he established, no matter how many institutions he created in the name of God. The bourgeoisie care nothing for God, only as a cover for their filthy behavior in the dark, their winking and blinking at the water hole.

The teacher must know absolutely if he is on his job he won't have a job, for no matter how many years he gives of his soul, his mental genius, he is not wanted. No matter how many students he is able to raise from the box, his services are not wanted.

The bourgeoisie do not want Jack out of the box, this must be understood. They prefer Jack and Jackie stay confined and proscribed in the box of ignorance. They are mere pawns in the game of chance the bourgeoisie play until they are removed from power, after they steal all they can, when the coffers are empty, the institution bankrupt and they are under indictment.

Now they will never put down their butcher knives, never turn into Buddha heads. This is why one must practice eternal vigilance with them. They are planning and plotting the demise of the poor righteous teachers at every turn.

So the teacher must teach his students about power, but when he does, his exit papers are signed. He may not know this. He may believe he has friends on the board of trustees, but he is only fooling himself. He is a starry eyed idealist, a dreamer, who shall be awakened from his dream one day for sure. And on that day he shall find his office door locked. His classroom door secured by a guard. His students transferred to other colleagues he thought were with him. But they will only say to him, "Sorry, brother."
--Marvin X


  1. Peace

    Thank you brother Marvin for this message. As usual, you are on point.
    We can affirm how true this is and how the enemy has done a good job in having others to do their work for them in the attempt to destroy those who stand toe to toe, by any and all means necessary, for our true Liberation and Justice.

    It is so sad that so few, are amble to comprehend the reality of this matter, and even fewer the ability to deal with it.

    Your words speaks to and illustrates some things that just recently happened regarding an MWM imitative during this time of Sistahood building and the bringing forward the first global Movement for Africana Sistahs.

    The envy, jealously and lack of futuristic ideals and visions is heavily amongst us and stagnating real growth and success, but because we (MWM) have been blessed to now know the "nature of the game" (and better know the beast and how it operates) we not only come out swinging but also choppin off.heads (smiles). As Bob Marley has often said,"... soon we will know who the true revolutionary..."

    Continued ancestral blessings and guidance to you

  2. they have discovered minerals in Afghanista,I've always wondered why the Russians killed over a million people there.Now it makes perfect sense,there is an estimated trillions of dollars in gold ,lithium,copper and other precisous metals in that country.I knew there was a catch but couldn't really grasp the significance of invading that country. The beast never invades with out a motive,it's always financial,same as slavery it has nothing to do with racism,it's based in economic gain. I am sure the bankers will
    invest in this country.You're not going to see troops leaving any time soon,the capitalit beast rears it's ugly head to exploit and consume.the devil moves in predictable ways,it's not a mystery.