Saturday, April 17, 2010

Parable of the Ash Cloud

Parable of the Ash Cloud

"When the earth is shaken to its utmost convulsion
And the earth throws up its burdens from within
And man cries distressed, 'What is the matter with it?....
--Al Qur'an, Surah 99, Al Zalzalah
(The Earthquake)

The calamity!
What is the calamity?
And what will make thee know how terrible is the calamity?
The day wherein men will be as scattered moths.
And the mountains will be as carded wool.
Then as for him whose measure (of good deeds) is heavy
He will live a pleasant life.
And as for him whose measure (of good deeds) is light,
The abyss is a mother to him.
And what will make thee know what that is?
A burning fire.
--Al Qur'an, Surah 101, Al Qariah (The Calamity)

Suddenly the Dark Age descended upon Europe. Iceland's volcano exploded, releasing a cloud over Europe, a cloud dark in destiny, causing no planes to fly, stranding millions of passengers.
Could it be Mother Earth is displeased with the Ice people, their eternal wars in the name of religion, politics and economics?

Mother Earth is erupting in diverse places as we were told she would do. She is exploding in China, Haiti, Chile, Iran. And yet this is only the beginning of sorrows. Fear is causing men's hearts to fail. Fear makes men kill for the slightest reason, for no reason.

In the many wars across the planet, rape is a constant, even among soldiers in the same army. We wonder how can a male soldier rape his female comrade who is armed? But we know soldiers are trained psychopathic killers, thus rape is the least of his concerns. If he can take life at will, why would he not satisfy is sexual urge without compunction?

He kills an often defenseless population, bombing and maiming from afar and up close with his drones, conventional planes, helicopters, missiles, tanks, bombs. Why not rape?

His behavior is the norm these days. Even on the job, men are sexually assaulted by other men. Rape is in the schools, in the gangs as initiation ritual.

But violence is only part of why Mother Nature is reacting to man. It is man's disconnection from nature, from the land and all therein. He has lost consciousness of the natural order. He doesn't know a rooster from a hen, a cow from a bull! He rarely looks at the stars, sun and moon, or listens to the birds, bees, the sound of the ocean, the rivers and creeks.

He is brain dead with his I-pods, cell phones, black berry. He talks loud and long saying nothing, Mr. loud and wrong, JB said. More often his conversation is vile, full of rage, anger, making terrorist threats to his lover.

Why should Mother Nature not remove him from the planet? She is superior, not man. His power is an illusion, the dream of a maniac that is about to have a rude awakening. Does he have a chance? Did he give Mother Nature a chance? Did he respect her, love her, honor her, cherish her? Or was he abusive, greedy, selfish, block headed, exploitative, oppressive, dirty, filthy, funky?

What goes around comes around. The ash cloud ascends. Man descends, walking through the cloud, a danger to himself and nature. You broke it, you pay for it!
--Marvin X

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