Saturday, April 10, 2010

Parable of the North American African As Haitian

Let us begin with the notion made by Mrs. Amina Baraka that the so-called Negro or North American African is a West Indian or has Caribbean roots since most of the kidnapped Africans were brought to the Caribbean first for the "breaking in," or brain washing/behavior modification to socialize them for eternal servitude throughout the Americas, including North America. Thus when Caribbean Africans refer to North American Africans as "you people," (meaning black American in the most derogatory sense)the North American African can shoot back that we are "you people" too.
But the similarities and parallels are even more glaring than our common Caribbean behavior modification. In the case of Haiti, our condition in the United States is not far different. Just as the Haitians are landless and lack an agricultural base, so are we. It is not stretching the imagination to say the North American African doesn't grow a tomato, a carrot or string bean.
He, like the Haitians, is a basket case, no matter that in terms of GNP he is the 16th richest nation in the world. In truth, he is a consumer who produces nothing, not even his own food, clothes, soap, beauty products or alcohol, of which he is a major consumer.
As a result of his being at the whim of the petrochemical agribusiness industry, he suffers a form of anorexia, starving like the Haitian, for the food he consumes is devoid of nutrients and vitamins, loaded with salt, sugar, and corn starch, leading him directly from the petrochemical (oil based) agribusiness corporations to the pharmaceutical industry/drug stores and medical facilities. In the old Muslim mythology, the so-called Negroes food consumption causes him to fall victim to the doctor, nurse and undertaker. But unlike the Haitian middle class mulattoes, the black middle class fares no better than the poor wretched underclass, for they do not take advantage of the health care they when they pay for it.

This is partly due to the hostile relationship all blacks have with the medical profession--they have a well deserved fear of the doctor since the medical profession is known to misdiagnose North American Africans, subjecting them to unnecessary operations or over medicating them with pills. Alas, there are more drug stores in the hood than grocery stores, and the grocery stores sell the worse quality food in the hood. A friend of mine recently retired as a truck driver for a grocery chain in southern California. He said the food he delivered to grocery stores in the hood, he didn't consider food when compared to the gourmet food he delivered to white and upscale neighborhoods.
But driving through the hood and seeing the plethora of drug stores, one wonders are we really this sick? Yes, our addiction to white supremacy, especially the hostile environment all blacks work in, leads to the most severe mental and physical ailments. The health director of Alameda County theorizes that life expectancy is not determined by income but rather where one lives or space and place. If one lives in or near the hood, ones life expectancy is shortened by several years compared with those who live up in the hills as opposed to the flatland here in the Bay Area.
The hostile environment makes all blacks susceptible to stress related diseases, especially high blood pressure, depression, schizophrenia and paranoia. As per the later psychosis, someone is, in fact, after the North American African. He, and more often now, she, is not wanted in high positions challenging the glass ceiling of corporate America.
Like the Haitian, the North American African is educationally challenged, to put it mildly. How can his educational system be any better than the Haitians when 50% to 70% of students in the hood either drop out or are pushed out--pushed out so they will not lower standards and disqualify schools of funding. And even if he received education on the level of whites, it would be mediocre compared with students in China and India who far excel whites, thus the reason for outsourcing of jobs. Why would the capitalist swines pay an American MBA, black or white, $140,000 per year when it can outsource to India and obtain MBAs for $14,000 per year who speak better English?
With respect to agribusiness, the North American African, as I've noted above, fares no better than the Haitian who was hoodwinked into leaving the land and seeking wage slavery in the capital city, thus depriving his nation of food sustenance, making Haiti the worse basket case in the world. Not only is the North American African similarly disposed, but in California he lives in the richest agricultural valley in the world, yet is not involved in agribusiness to any meaningful degree. How many black students in California colleges and universities are majoring in agribusiness?
Even in tourism, seek out the North American African in the tourist cities of San Francisco and Seattle. You will generally only see him as street musician and/or robot at Fisherman's Wharf and Pike's Market. And how does he fare on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, pre and post Katrina?
Just as in Haiti, decades of underdevelopment as led to the criminal society in the ghettos of North America. In America, the prisons are largely de facto drug recovery and mental health facilities. Between 80% and 90% of all inmates were under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs at the time of arrest. With 30% to 40% of inmates severely mentally ill, the jails and prisons are de facto mental wards, minus substantial mental health treatment.
Just as there is no political structure in Haiti, none of substance exists in North America, despite the so called black president who doesn't mention the word black. As in Haiti, the political structure is largely ruled by mulattoes, from Obama down. Poor Jesse Jackson couldn't be president if he ran a thousand times. Just as Haiti is a caste and class society, North American Africans suffer the same. The brown bag test still exists, in politics, education, religion and the arts, especially Hollywood. If you ain't looking like Halle Berry, don't even think about Hollywood. Even the Nation of Islam is sugar coated with mulattoes in high places. And don't tell me I'm perpetuating the Willie Lynch Syndrome. No, Willie Lynch is perpetuating the Willie Lynch Syndrome.
Politics in Haiti is corrupt to the point of no return, as in the elected president exiled by US authorities who view Haiti as their turf, just as the cities are largely the turf of the Democratic party, with the resultant corruption of black officials on the west coast, dirty south and east coast. Take a trip from coast to coast and listen to the stories of corrupt black officials in politics, religion and education, from city halls, churches, mosques, secondary schools, colleges and universities.
Perhaps the earthquake shall bring about a new day in Haiti, though we doubt it. It will probably be exploited by capitalist swine developers. Their plans are already in motion. But just as Haiti needs a Marshall plan, so does North American Africans. With all the trillions given out to those who caused the global financial meltdown(they were rewarded for robbery), the filthy capitalist swine, those blood suckers of the poor, i.e., bankers, wall street robber barons, insurance companies, the poor in the hood did not receive an honorable mention. I have never encountered so many broke black people on the streets of Oakland. Think about it, North American Africans have been scammed out of their national wealth (homes) with the sub-prime loan schemes, including those blacks who qualified for prime loans.
The final comparison between Haiti and North American Africans is the fact that Haiti defeated the white slave masters, including the master military strategist of Europe, Napoleon. Haiti has never been forgiven for whipping the white man's ass. How ironic the white supremacist Rev. Pat Robertson said the Haitians are suffering from making a pact with the devil to defeat the slave masters to become the first free black republic in the Americas, aside from Palmares in Brazil that was independent for a century. Since the 200,000 North American African troops were decisive in the Civil War, maybe they made a pact with the devil as well. For a surety, the South has never gotten over the fact they lost the Civil War, and they are determined to put the North American African back in his place. They are making a good effort to reinstate slavery by incarcerating them and subjecting them to involuntary servitude under the US constitution, to say nothing of the wage slavery that forces blacks in the South to work two and three minimum wage jobs to survive. God save Haiti, and God save North American Africans!
--Marvin X

Parable of Same Sex Marriage, Straight Men & Prostitutes

It matters not to me whether gays and lesbians can legally marry. It's none of my business. And maybe this new marriage configuration will serve as a model for human relationships, still it is not my concern, since I am not into that lifestyle, although I do love lesbians, speaking as a dirty old man. But seriously, my concern is with straight men, and I have been involved with the men's movement since we produced the Black Men's Conference at the Oakland Auditorium, 1980.

I am ashamed of straight men for being unorganized and hypocritical, since they want to condemn gays and lesbians for their lifestyle, yet straight men cannot entertain prostitutes, ho's, sex workers or whatever you want to call women who charge men for sex. A friend's wife told me, "I know I'm just a ho in disguise." So marriage can be called prostitution as well but I am really concerned with straight men who appear angry and jealous at gays and lesbians because they have organized for their rights, no matter what we think about them.

They have come together to fight for the right to legally marry. And the irony is that straight couples have little right to condemn the gays/lesbians when 50% of straight marriages end in divorce. And of course the two main reasons are issues of sex and finance, with the resultant domestic violence, including verbal and emotional abuse. Perhaps straight people need to consider a reconfiguration of so-called monogamy, especially with respect to sex outside of marriage.

In short, I favor legalization of prostitution, but this would require straight men to get organized as the gays and lesbians have done, but instead of fighting for the rights of straight men to exercise their human right to have sex with whomever they please, they are exhausting their time fighting against same sex marriage. Look at yourself, straight men, look in the mirror at your behavior, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, McNair (now deceased).

With your billions and millions, you cannot have sex with whomever you desire but must be treated like a criminal dog, beaten by your spouse, murdered in your sleep and charged with criminal behavior, including rape, only because you have not organized yourselves to secure the rights you desire and deserve. As men, you are pitiful, especially with your billions and millions of dollars, yet get treated like a dog. How can you call yourself a man when you must sneak around in the alley, lie, cheat, or steal away into the night to be with the one you love--or the other one you love.

Thus, in your powerlessness, in your jealousy and envy, you waste your time condemning the gays and lesbians for doing their thing yet you can't do shit. You are less than a gay and lesbian on the scale of humanity. Get organized for your rights and leave other people's rights alone. And tell your wives they don't own your dicks and you don't own their pussies.
--Marvin X

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