Friday, April 23, 2010

Parable of the Hunid Dollar Dope Book

The African American Museum Library
14th and Martin Luther King, Jr., Oakland

Academy of Da Corner
Reader's Theatre

proudly presents
a benefit book party

celebrating Marvin X's latest book
the Wisdom of Plato Negro
s and Fables

Saturday, May 15, 2pm, 2010 Donation for book $100.00
(one hundred dollars)

Admission free
(give what you can)

Seating limited RSVP

The Reader's Theatre Program

Musical interlude, Augusta Collins
Greetings, Veda Silva
Biography of Author, Carolyn Mixon
The Wisdom of Plato Negro, Introduction by Ptah Allah El
Parable of Love, Marvin X
Parable of the Heart, Wanda Sabir
Parable of the Real Woman, Ayodele Nzingha
Parable of Black Man and Block Man, Reginald James
Parable of the Woman in the Box, Alona Clifton
Parable of the Penguin, Paradise
Parable of the Hustler, J. Vern Cromartie
Parable of what right? Charlie Walker
Parable of the Poor Righteous Teacher, Geoffery Grier
Parable of the Parrot, Ramal Lamar
Musical interlude, Rashidah Sabreen and Marvin X
Parable of the City of God, Rev. George Murray
Parable of the Cell Phone, Mechelle LaChaux and Baron Cope
Parable of the Rooster and the Hen, Fuad Satterfield
Parable of the Pitbull, Timothy Reed
Parable of the Preacher's Wife, James W. Sweeney
Parable of the A Students, Ramona Massey
Parable of the Good Children, James Moore, Jr.
Parable of the Donkey, Gregory Fields
Parable of Desirelessness, Marvin X

Q and A
Book signing

Documentation: photographers Gene Hazzard and Kamau Amen Ra; videographers Ken Johnson, Adam Turner, Khalid Wajjib, Freddie Boone, Gregory Fields.

The event is a benefit for Black Bird Press
1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94702
order your book now $100.00
or send a generous donation

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