Saturday, April 10, 2010

Parable of the Man Who Talked With Cows

Parable of the Man Who Talked With Cows

He talked with the cows because they listen, in fact, they stand at attention. Across the road from his writing retreat in the rolling hills of Cherokee, CA, about twenty miles from Chico, a few cows were standing around grazing on the grass as he returned from a short visit to the Feather River, down the road from where he lives.

He had taken a break from interviewing a sister for a book project Seven Years in the House of Elijah, A Woman's Search for Love and Spirituality.

The interview session was very intense, as if the ghost of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad had entered the room, so they agreed to take a break, get some air. As they returned from Feather River, the man stopped for a chat with the cows.

The woman will bear witness that at first there were only three or four cows but as he began to talk with them, suddenly the entire herd began to gather for his lecture. They stood at attention as he told them they should go eat their master before he eats them. They nodded in agreement.

The woman was astonished at the man's conversation and the rapt attention of the entire herd as they listened to his every word. He said goodbye to the cows and entered the gate of his retreat.

--Marvin X

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