Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Parable of the Butt Kickers

Parable of the Butt Kickers

They had to kick some butt. Big butt, not little butt. After 9/11, they wanted revenge, blood. Got hit on the home front, even if they did it themselves, Hollywood drama. What did they say in the Long Kiss Goodnight? I guess we'll just have to kill four thousand to get our budget! So kick some butt. The big bully wounded, or faking such. Hit in the eyes, two black eyes. Prez can't go home to daddy with two black eyes. Go after the prize, the jewel of the Middle East, Iraq, roots of the Arabian Nights. But it's the oil, stupid. Ain't no oil in Afghanistan, only little cave men called Taliban, directed from Saudi Arabia. All the hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. Why no butt kicking in the House of Saud? Oh, the House of Saud and the House of Bush are too close, too close for comfort. When no other planes could fly, the Ben Ladin family flew home from America. No butt kicking the House of Saud, the House of Ben Ladin.

But don't believe the hype. Iraq was Hollywood drama. Dictator. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Let's be cowboys, let's kick some butt. A cowboy is always lookin for a good fight. That Sand Nigger tried to kill my daddy. Gotta kick his butt. Don't matter bout 9/11. Read my Pet Goat!

Let's get them sand niggers. Make 'em run like real niggers when the popo come. Bomb 'em back to the stone age. Nuke 'em if they use poison gas we sold them to use against the Kurds and the Iranians. Nuke 'em. Kick some butt.

Make that nigguh general lie before the United Nations. Make him swear they got WMDs. He can do it. He'll do anything we say. He's our running dog. He killed 200,000 in Desert Storm. Give that nigger general some charts and a cocaine vial. And tell that black wench Condi say we can't wait for no smoking gun mushroom cloud. Kick some butt.

One million Iraqis dead. Four million refugees. Children forced into prostitution, parents dead.
War will cost three trillion when it's over, whenever that is--no bid contracts. Two hundred thousand hired killers aside from US army. Blackwater cowboys killed 17 people in broad daylight. No murder charges. Kick some butt.

Kill that sand nigger Hussein. Elect that half nigger Hussein Obama to cover our asses. Kick some butt. Make that half nigger kick some butt too. If he don't we'll kill that half black nigger, kill his wench and them pickaninnies. We'll bomb the White House to get rid of that half nigger. White House for Whites Only. Let's have a tea party. Kick some butt! Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yeman, Iran. Kick some butt.
--Marvin X

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