Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Parable of Elephant

Parable of the Elephant

An African elephant lived in a zoo and often performed in a circus doing tricks. His keeper dominated him, oppressing his natural desire to be free. The trainer made him do tricks he had no desire to do, but he went along with the program.

One day the elephant got tired of following commands.
He no longer wanted to stand on his hind legs. He didn't feel like having dancers on his back or standing on one leg.

He rebelled and stomped his trainer. When his master came to rescue, the elephant stomped him too. He broke from the circus arena and went on a rampage through the street, snatching other people and slamming them to the ground.

The police arrived and shot the elephant until he fell to the ground. No more tricks. No more standing on one leg. Free at last.
--Marvin X

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