Sunday, April 11, 2010

Parable of the Sacred

All life is sacred and holy, or it used to be way back in time beyond memory, but then came the first murder and war. All life must be sacred once again before we can declare ourselves of spiritual consciousness, for at present we are below animals, yes, the beasts we claim are inferior, yet aside from the natural predators, the animals live in peace, while man is warring across the planet, from sea to shinning sea. Even the religions clamor for war, despite their philosophy of peace and love, apparently this is reserved for only those in a particular sect of a religion, since there is often war between sects.

And then the economic systems fare no better in their economic wars, whether state planned or free market, they all need labor and resources. They are willing to engage in war to secure the necessary resources to maintain power.

Listen to the news from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. War in the west, war in the south, war in north, war in the east, but war. Muslims, Christians, Yoruba, Hindu, Vudun, Hausa,
socialists, Communists, Jewish, Buddhists .

The streets of the USA are war zones, the doctors practice in the emergency rooms at urban hospitals because it prepare them for treating soldiers in far away places such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere as they search for dwindling natural resources to develop and expand their economies, especially now, since they are in competition with China, India, Brazil and Russia (BRIC). Nothing is sacred, there is no end to the sacrifice of blood and bones.

Even the peace keepers enter the war zones but soon join the savage drama of rape, theft and general chaos. The profane and obscene behavior is the norm. We live in the filth the filth produced. The mind altered state is the norm. No one functions without medication. Workers would do nothing without nicotine and caffeine. Don't even think about depriving workers of these drugs, the factories and offices would close without cigarettes and coffee breaks.

And there must be alcohol to relieve the stress of wage slavery and the world of make believe, the world of conspicuous consumption, the addiction to things for their own sake, for many of the trinkets are never taken out of the bags. Closets are full of clothes never worn, maybe once, if at all. The clothes are necessary to look cute at the party, while consuming alcohol to medicate the pain of a life beyond the sacred and holy. Who wants to be sacred and holy, it's time to get down funky, do the dog, snake, chicken, frog, anything emanating from the one billion illusions of the monkey mind.

Of course, once alcohol enters the party, soon to follow is the transformation from nominal sanity to wretched insanity, profanity and obscenity. We get up the next morning with no memory of the previous night's behavior, not knowing whether we killed someone driving home stoned, or whether we had sex with a beast in the bathroom at the party.

A woman striving to survive in the culture of filth that filth produced, claimed her body was sacred, holy, the temple of God. A man had to be sacred to enter her temple. We wonder who shall be the lucky fellow since God himself told us, "Find me one righteous man and I shall save the town."
--Marvin X

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