Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parable of the White Bullet

Parable of the White Bullet

The people saw the police had special bullets to fight with. The bullets only killed black people. When the white police had shootouts with blacks, the bullets in the guns of the white police immediately killed the blacks, but when the police had shootouts with whites the bullets would not kill the whites, only wound them, no matter if there were ten police shooting at a lone white man, the bullets did not kill the man, nor did the white man's bullets kill the white officers, only wound them slightly.

The people were amazed to hear of a recent shootout on an Oakland freeway with a white man and the Oakland police. Ten police fired into the truck of the white man without killing him and he fired back but only slightly wounding the officers. The freeway was closed for twenty hours while the police collected all evidence of the white bullets before anyone was able to find out their secret power.

The same night a black man who was wielding knives was shot dead immediately by the BART and Oakland police officers. Again, the white bullets worked on the black. Remember, though, after shooting into the truck of the white man for twenty minutes, he survived, so we know there is something special in those white bullets.
--Marvin X

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  1. *singing*~"Only you...can make the darkness light!" Now we know 'bout dem white bullets. Knowledge is power!Shame, shame we know their names ACPD~Any City Police Department!