Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Parable of Living in the Last Days

Parable of Living in the Last Days

The person living in the last days of the old world must listen to Black Classical Music if she/he wishes to maintain high spiritual consciousness. Jazz or Black Classical Music is therapeutic for the mind traumatized by the one billion one hundred million illusions of the monkey mind, as His Holiness Guru Bawa taught, peace be upon him.

This is the required music for North American Africans seeking the highest level of spiritual consciousness. To not know this music, especially the classics of this music, is to be ignorant on the highest level of ignorance, i.e., ignut! I recommend the following: the music of Armstrong, Bessie,
Billie, Sarah, Nina, Duke, Bassie, Ella, Monk, Dolphy, Sun Ra, Trane, Bird, Dizzie, Miles, just to name a few.
This is your cultural heritage, it is thus a must, a requirement for you to claim you are a North American African.

Don't tell me you have a degree in black studies yet cannot identify Take the A Train, Solitude, St. James Infirmary, What A Wonderful World.

Your sacred music is important as well, the spirituals, for much of the secular music derives from the sacred, especially the singers and performers themselves.

Mush of the secular music derives from the sacred. I love black sacred music even though I find the mythology under girding it totally insane.

Although, if we can understand pie in the sky after you die as symbolizing the spirituallyl dead and resurrection, then I can relate, but not as physical death.

Yet, I/we are victims of our culture, whether we want or not, thus Black sacred music grabs our soul and takes us to the upper room of our father's house, and there we dwell with the ancestors, listening to their sorrow songs, or how they got ovah, the essential myth/ritual of North American Africans, whether in music or literature or culture or reality, this is our central theme, our leit motif.

The essential narrative is how we survived the worse treatment ever put upon human beings in the history of human beings on the planet earth. No Jew can cry or claim more blues than the so-called Negro/North American African--no Native American, no Latino, Asian, European, gay/lesbian.

We arrived in the Mississippi Delta with the music of the blues, yet it was not blues, it was the ancient sounds of our Mother tongue, tales told for a thousand years before our arrival in the Wilderness of North America. One need only listen to Ali Farka of Mali!

Even our sacred sounds, our spirituals and gospels can be traced to the Pyramids, to the Nile Valley culture, existing throughout the four thousands miles of the Nile Valley, from Congo to Delta. Such is the source of our music, our literature, our philosophy, our linguistics, our cultural essence.

Today they tell us and teach us it is all in the DNA, it never went away, was never lost in time or second or minute, hour, and is yet there in our stride, our gait, our manner of being in the universe, the memory beyond memory, the seed of a seed of a seed of the first seed.

In spite of whip and ship, torture and labor from can't see to can't see, we yet see, we feel, we love, we are in joy and sadness--the essence of life, no matter in the Motherland or Other land, yeah, down here on the ground, trying to transcend the one billions illusions of the monkey mind.

So let there be Black classical music in your life, the music to heal your mind of trauma and unresolved grief. You are four women. You are Take the A Train. You are In My Solitude.
You are Alabama. You are A Love Supreme. You are Round Midnight. You are Just Friends.
You Boiled My First Cabbage. You are St. James Infirmary. You are Mississippi Goddamn.
Strange Fruit. Fine and Mello. Guess Who I Saw Today. Dat Dare. This Here. Space is the Place. So What. Blue in Green.

Such is the music that shall get you through the daily round. This is your prayer music, let there be music and wine on your prayer rug. Let the angels gather around you to comfort your joy and your sadness, your elation and your madness.

Do not be confused by the demeanor of your angels, for they shall speak loudly and without a doubt, even in their resistance to doing the will of God, yet they can do nothing except the will of God, for they are His servants.
--Marvin X

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