Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Parable of Look South, My People

Parable of Look South, My People

Yes, forget about the indigenous people trying to come to Gringo land, North America. We need to at least look and study political/economic events below our border. We are not suggesting a migration south, only a mental refocus to aid our own physical and metaphysical condition. In our provincial and proscribed state of mind, we are need deep in the muck and mire of Babylon, and yet as oppressed people we surely share more with our oppressed brothers and sisters than we do with the majority whites in America and especially with the social order they shall do all in their power to maintain--as in white supremacy or racist domination of the US.

As a solution to the problems of North America Africans, we must jump out the box of our thinking that is warped and tainted by US psychosocial domination and our addiction to its wage slavery, materialism and world of make believe that the US is the good guys in the white hats.

We have more in harmony with the indigenous peoples of the Americas than with are racist hating and dominating gringo Americans who have a date with destiny we shall not share. How can the robbed have the same destiny as the robbers? No, we share the victim status of all the peoples throughout the Americas, and we must come up to their level of revolutionary consciousness that is breaking them away from the Monroe Doctrine, 1823, that the US shall dominate the political/economic affairs throughout the Americas.

We must examine closely the nations that are breaking the chains of US domination of their affairs, not only Cuba, Venezuela, but El Salvador, Brazil, Boliva, Ecuador, Paraguay,
Argentina and Nicaragua. Must must immediately jump out of the box of the deaf, dumb and blind US mentality and align our political/economic agenda with the other peoples throughout the Americas. Please understand, they are Americans too! Yes, even Mexicans are Americans, indeed, North Americans. So expand your mind and get a grip that new winds are blowing from the south and we must flow with the flow, let go of are fatal attraction to this USA beast that shall try to maintain white supremacy to the end. Let us unite with the people's south of the border.

They only want to come to the US because the US has bled them naked for centuries, keeping them in a state of poverty, ignorance and disease, similar to our condition as North American Africans.

We must study their economic policies, whether socialism, communism or a more communal and equitable version of socalled free market capitalism. The radical nations south of the border are trying to configure a new way to insure their people are not simply wage slaves and whores for the gringos who only want their natural resources at a "steal."
--Marvin X

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