Monday, July 26, 2010

Parable of a Nigguh's Ass

Parable of a Nigguh's Ass

One day Plato Negro was at his Academy of Da Corner, 14th and Broadway, the cross roads of Oakland. A young man came up and verbally assaulted the street professor, sticking his finger in the face of the old man, telling him he would smoke him if he did not remove the picture of his ass on the cover of his latest book Pull Yo Pants Up fada Black Prez and Yoself.

Plato Negro told the youth his picture is in the public domain, thus free for anyone to use. Furthermore, is he threatening to smoke the white man who runs Internet?

The mad youth told Plato Negro if he returned and his picture was still on the cover of his book he would smoke him.

Plato Negro seems to have a problem with photos of Negroes. A young lesbian wanted to kill him a few months ago because her picture appeared in his book with actor John Amos. Now John was not upset about his pic, but baby girl wanted to kill Plato because he used her pic to headline an article in his book The Wisdom of Plato Negro. He deleted the pic from his book after learning her brother had come to his Academy of Da Corner to kill him but started crying and could not pull the trigger. Plato was trying to promote the young lady, a singer, who had toured the east coast with him and attended a production of his play Salaam, Huey Newton, Salaam at Woody King's New Federal Theatre.

On this day, the youth claimed his ass was copyrighted! He was a rapper and his ass was on the cover of his CD.

You know we youngsters don't give a fuck bout you OG's, we'll smoke you in a minute, you know dat, right?

Plato Negro looked at the little snotty nose child. He could have smashed his nose into the ground, being the suppressed killer Plato Negro is known to be. Writing is merely a disguise and diversion to keep a killer from spreading blood on the streets of Oakland!

Plato endured the dissing by his child.

Plato Negro told his child I can kill you as quickly as you can kill me.

Two OG's stood by while the youth ranted. I know you brothers would smack this youth.

Plato Negro's brother, who often sits in Academy of Da Corner, would kill the youth once he said he was goin ta smoke him. Plato's brother is that kind of fellow. You say you gonna smoke him, well, he go smoke you first.

But Plato had a different mission.

I have come to save youth, not kill them, therefore, I shall not fight them or abuse them, for they are my children, and I shall honor them, respect them, and not neglect them!

I am patient, there is no rush, I live in the no stress zone.

The young man went away but came back a few minutes later.

He said OG, I'm sorry I got up in yo face like dat. Please forgive me!

Plato forgave him.

OG you can use my picture of my ass.

Plato Negro said thank you, youngster. I love you. You are my child. I love you.
--Marviv X


  1. Marvin~You're a better man than I am! I would've picked up one of your heavier books and clocked'em. Well, maybe that's why I sing songs so I don't hurt nobody!

  2. Rudolph Lewis
    August 10, 2010 at 3:37pm
    Re: Parables, Fables, Musings of Plato Negro by Marvin X: Parable of a Nigguh's Ass

    Marvin, I am a sucker for a story with a happy ending. . . . But in my other mind, I think you should have let your brother smoke the little nigger. . . . I saw a movie last night of a black son thug smoking his father, and while the black father (former thug and killer for hire) was dying he forgave his son. . . . That sounds like one of those Jesus stories.

    You love black folks too much, Marvin. I would have closed my academy a long time ago. I have little faith in your students to do the right thing. Let the dead bury the dead. We who truly love you don't want to lose you because of crazy niggers who ain't gonna never be anything but crazed niggers. They were lost at birth.

    Loving you madly, Rudy

  3. Rasheedah Sabreen Shakir
    Rasheedah Sabreen ShakirAugust 10, 2010 at 2:40pm
    Subject: I am not...
    an admirer nor a fan of Mr. Lewis and his intellectual meanderings. Even against your will, Marvin, you have learned to love. I know it can be nerve wracking to love but it is your personal, soul salvation. This sounds like another parable emerging to me!

  4. I am so glad the survival of my young brothers is not dependent on Mr. Lewis' "faith" in them. Marvin, there is no way that one can love too much! The youth need the counterbalance to Mr. Lewis' mentality and thought process. Thank you, Marvin, for loving me, and black folk, too much!