Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Parable of the Angel

Parable of the Angel

There is an angel with Plato Negro. The angel defies the traditional description of the angelic, for no one would suspect he is an angel. And most of the time he wears the persona of the devil's advocate, provoking people at every turn. But his provocations are merely a challenge to the true believer. The angel wants to see if they truly believe, or will they break down under attack. Do they really believe as they say they believe. At what point will they crumble, cry, snivel or get enraged. No matter what, the angel is ready for them because he was/is a killer, a former Special Forces soldier who claims no one is sane who's been to war. So the angel is a warrior who relishes the killing and slaughter of people. He cannot help it, he was trained to kill. He says, as a soldier, he would kill his mama if given the order.

And yet in the deep structure of his militant persona is the angelic personality who strives to enlighten people, to aid their awakening or the uplifting of their consciousness. He constantly gives positive information to people, tapes, DVDs, books. When he is around Plato Negro and people do not have money to purchase books, the angel will step up and pay the full cost of the book. Yesterday, he paid a hunid so a woman could have a copy of The Wisdom of Plato Negro.
The angel has purchased six copies of the book and given them away, mostly to women. The angel likes women. He doesn't buy books for men, not usually.

Plato has other angels who will purchase books for the brothers, to save their lives. When Plato asked the brothers will they spend a dollar to save their lives, but they don't have a dollar or don't want to spend a dollar, the angel will pay the dollar so they can have a poster that might save their lives.
--Marvin X

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