Sunday, July 4, 2010

Parable of the Spider

Parable of the Spider

There was a black spider in Plato's bathtub. He wanted to get in the shower, but not with the spider. He had been told to take a shower with a friend, but not with the little spider. He had no desire to harm or kill the spider, just wanted it out of the tub. He was glad no female was trying to shower because she would be screaming kill the spider, kill the spider, hurry, please! Oh, those creepy things, hurry!

Plato got a wash cloth and attempted to make the little critter climb upon it. The spider didn't go for it at first, at one point it froze, then tried to get away from the rag, but finally it decided to get on board but jumped off before Plato could open the backdoor. Plato went for the broom and swept the spider outside.
--Marvin X

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