Friday, July 23, 2010

Parable of the Mind

Parable of the Mind

Plato saw a man pass his classroom in a mechanized wheelchair. He noticed the man was not using his hands to control the wheelchair, instead he had what looked like earphones and a mouth piece attached to his head, though he was not speaking into the mouthpiece. Plato surmised the man was controlling the wheelchair with his brain. How unique, Plato thought, when all else fails, use your mind!

What would the world be like if people were in the condition of this man, and in reality they are in this condition, for there is without a doubt a paralysis of the body and mind these days, though obviously the mind can still work under the most adverse conditions. They say we hardly use 25% of our brain, if that much. So there is much untapped brain matter awaiting our beck and call.

Plato watched the man as he exited the store, again, only using his brain to command the wheelchair. Plato thought, the mind is an awesome thing, if we but use it! He recalled his mother's adage, "You the mind God gave you, Boy!"
--Marvin X

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