Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parable of the Courthouse

They asked Plato Negro to please depart the Academy of Da Corner to visit the Alameda County Courthouse. The people were confident Plato would have plenty to write about. They assured him he would see people being sold down the river, even by themselves, as they were confessing to crimes they didn't commit, even murder, yet under duress they were confessing to crimes they didn't commit. So they urged him if he really wanted something to write about, he should visit the court room.

Plato didn't rush to oblige them since he had done so in Philadelphia when the people urged him to visit the Family Court. When he finally decided to do so, he got the shock of his life. The woman came from family court in tears, the man in rage with papers in his hand, and the lawyer elated that another one had bitten the dust. The lawyer told him he appreciated the literature Plato was passing out, but he couldn't use it in his business--the anti-partner violence poems was of no use to him, in fact, he wanted the partners to keep fighting so he could earn a living.

And the man with papers commanding him to restrain himself from one hundred feet of his woman was not a happy thought in the mind of the man. And the lady was in tears because she didn't get all she wanted, maybe in terms of child support. So none of the above wanted to hear what Plato Negro had to say in his writings.
--Marvin X

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