Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sex and Drugs

Sex and Drugs

"I don't need drugs to make me freak," said a sister, "I'm a natural freak. I don't need nothing but some good dick!" And so it is, people spend billions of dollars around the world to get high, yet the brain contains the chemicals that get us high naturally. Certain activities such as sex, dancing, jogging, listening to music or a great speech, can get us high, even eating good, natural food can make us proclaim, "This food is better than dope!"

So imagine the human toll on society for those persons who think they must have drugs to get high. Dope fiends kill to get drugs to medicate themselves from the stress of life, and yet the drugs only release the chemicals already in their brain that make them high, endorphins and dopamine.

Caffeine and nicotine release the brain chemicals as well. Coffee is dope, without which workers on their wage slavery jobs would be unable to work. That first cigarette in the morning is dope, it causes a release of the chemical that gets us high. A woman said before she took that first cigarette of the day she had to get her kids off to school, then come back, sit down and relax, then hit that nicotine.

As per sex, after getting a nut, I am wide awake, cannot sleep for anything. I must get up to write. I enjoyed the sex but it only sparked the energy to be creative. After sex, I might write throughout the night, while my lover keeps crying for me to come to bed, she wants me next to her. I'm not thinking about her, I'm fired up, I want to be creative.

And so we want to be high because we are from the Most High, thus we need that supreme feeling or ecstasy to be in harmony with the universe. Without that high we are indeed cut off from the reed bed, in the metaphor of Rumi. We yearn to return, to be united with the beloved that puts us in harmony with nature. Isn't it strange that we don't need drugs when we are in nature? What is higher than listening to the ocean, the silence of the trees, the music of the birds?

Isn't it ironic and shameful that nine thousand people have lost their lives in Mexico the last few years because of the drug trade to America? And what is the cost to families and communities in America who are victims of the drug epidemic? Imagine the abandoned and neglected children who must be placed in foster care because their parents were under the grand delusion they needed drugs to medicate themselves from the stress of oppression. Ninety percent of the inmates in jail and prison were under the influence of drugs at the time of their arrest. Obviously they were unable to think clearly, if they had been, there's the possibility they wouldn't have gotten arrested.

When I hustled as dope fiend, I never wanted to be high while getting money for dope. I wanted to be sharp so I could be at the top of my game, even though my purpose was negative, for after I got high the only thing I felt was paranoia. Yes, I spent thousands of dollars to be paranoid. And sex was a no, no. I was totally dysfunctional sexually on Crack.

Many girls would carry a dildo in their purse because they knew many brothers would not be able to function sexually after hitting the pipe. Sometimes the girls would beg to let them serve me before I hit the pipe. Eventually I got loaded alone because there was no need to be with a Crack Ho when I couldn't function sexually.

In twelve years of Crack addiction, I only enjoyed a woman once, and that was when we couldn't get the paraphernalia to cook the cocaine, so we sniffed it and sucked and fucked half the night. The Crack would have only lasted a few minutes and sex wouldn't have lasted one minute, if that long.

So the best high is the natural high, yes, cold sober, especially if one can get to nature or do natural things like being creative, walking, dancing, listening to great music or a great speech, looking at your beautiful woman, being with your children and grandchildren. This is the real high that puts us in harmony with the Most High. Try it!
--Marvin X

from Mythology of Pussy and Dick, toward Healthy Psychosocial Sexuality, Black Bird Press, Berkeley, approximately 400 pages, September, 2010, $49.95.

Black Bird Press
1222 Dwight Way, Berkeley CA 94702

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  1. FORGET ABOUT IT! because without drugs life itself would be impossible.

    Cocaine and marijuana derives from a plant and all that man is and shall ever be only God can build a tree.

    Sex and drugs go hand in hand by divine commission