Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Parable of the Man Who Desired to Return to the Box

Parable of the Man Who Desired to Return to the Box
Plato Negro arrived at his Academy of da Corner to be confronted by one of his very best student/teachers who obtained Plato Negro's latest book Notes on the Wisdom of Action or How to Jump Out the Box. The man purchased the book, demanded his teacher or rather chancellor autograph the book, which the chancellor promptly did. But the man, a very passionate student/teacher and videographer of Academy of da Corner, demanded his teacher perform a magic trick by putting him back into the box. He absolutely demanded Plato Negro get all the Negroes out the box so he could get into the box by himself!

Plato Negro was trying to enjoy the release of his book, for a book takes much work, even beyond the writing there is the printing and many changes may occur as the book is prepared for the printig process. Sometimes things do not go smoothly, there may be a sudden problem with the formatting and it is a cost issue, thus serious. And this happened with Notes on the Wisdom of Action or How to Jump Out of the Box.

So when Plato Negro was confronted by his student/teacher, he was slightly upset but tried not to show it since he loved his student/teacher and knew he was a sincere person who was under great stress from dealing with the people.

The student/teacher begged him to hurry up and get all the nigguhs out the box so he could get into the box. Plato Negro told him that he had spent 12 years in the box, trying to kill himself night after night so he could get back into the box but God wouldn't take him, no matter how hard he tried.

He didn't tell his student/teacher that he had stood in a pool of his own blood after he cut an artery so that he could get back into the box. Even if he did so unconsciously, it was surely an attempted suicide since even after he was rescued by a friend and the hotel manager, Plato Negro, after a ride to the hospital in an ambulance, returned to the scene to continue his self destruction. You don't hear me. Some body need a healing up in here! Let the Lord be praise. Let somebody say Ache!

The student/teacher was relentless is pressing his teacher/chancellor to get him back in the box. He was stressed to the max and his teacher/chancellor felt the stress and was very disturbed, for he could not enjoy the release of his book subtitled How to Jump Out of the Box.
After all, a Negro was shouting in his ear to get him back in the box.

He begged his student/teacher to take a chill pill, for he knew his student was stressed. And then a dancer arrived, Raynetta Rayzetta, who choreographed a dance to Plato's Parable of a Woman in the Box. Raynetta remembered that the student/teacher had videoed her performance at the San Francisco Theatre Festival. When she heard the student/teacher demanding to return to the box, she was pleasantly surprised, if not in total shock, since she only knew the student/teacher as videographer.

Now he was taking her parable that she had choreographed to another level, not to get the woman (or man) out of the box, but to return him/her to the box. This presented Raynetta with new possibilities and she looked at the student/teacher in wonder at the choreographic potential of his demand. "Nigguh are you crazy?"

After all, sir, Plato Negro has done all he can to get you out the box, yet you want to return. Why are you defying the mission of your teacher?

Plato Negro had talked earlier in the day about Jack in the box, describing how Jack had possibilities since he was knocked in the head but remained in a shallow grave, not six feet under, thus he had the possibility of recovery since he was only in a shallow grave, as in the Masonic mythology of Hiram Biff.

His student/teacher would have none of it! He wanted to return to the box, but only after Plato Negro had removed all the dead bodies! Only then would he enter the grave. There seemed to be some selfishness here, and Plato wanted none of it! We must continue to the end, no matter what! And after all, he told his student, the end is almost here, so don't get weary, hold on to the rope of God, the end is near!
--Marvin X
Academy of da Corner
14th and Broadway

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