Tuesday, December 14, 2010

16. Unity of Planning

Toward Unity of North American Africans
16. Unity of Planning
The North American African thinkers and planners must configure our future for the next 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 years, otherwise we shall drift and drift depending on the winds of the ocean and the whim of the American Titanic, with the great possibility we shall go down with the ship, much like the Katrina tragedy in New Orleans, no matter if it was a man made or natural disaster. We must never again have our fate in the hands of this government, not for one moment. We must plan for both the positive and negative possibilities and probabilities. We cannot have 40 million North American Africans at the behest of racists who's mental state is highly questionable and will only be going from bad to worse as we proceed in time.

Nor can we have faith or confidence is those who have been trained and educated totally with the white supremacy world. We see what a mess Obama is making of our situation, if not totally neglecting the wretched circumstances of the moment.

But the urgent need is a brain trust of planners grounded in African and spiritual consciousness, men and women of vision to chart our course through the last days of the American empire and republic. This Think Tank must be an inter-generational group so we have the thinking of elders and youth, something we failed to do in those revolutionary 60s. We must include the wisdom of progressive elders who can offer more than war stories but the perception to see where we need to go politically, economically, educationally, and spiritually.

We can transcend the simple improvisation of the jazz player, and we must clearly avoid the pitfall of doing nothing but drift into the future, when we know if we don't plan a trip we may never arrive at our destination, especially with no road map, no chart, no idea of what we may encounter on the journey.

Of course we must consider ideas from the global village, especially from our neighbors throughout the Americas who are striving to implement a more social just economic plan as well as constructing a people's democratic society, as opposed to the American political/economic order that is socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor, also known as fascism.

We must transcend the box of American thought that is clearly exhausted, and align our thinking with nations such as China, India and Brazil. We cannot envision a future without a connection with our Motherland, economic, cultural and political. Why should we not be connected to Africa, white America is connected with Europe, Chinese Americans are connected with China, Arabs are connected with the Arab world, indigenous peoples and/ or Latinos are connected with their peoples throughout the Americas.

Our Think Tanks must consider what is possible for the years ahead, the decades, the centuries. The possibilities are infinite, but we must chart a course based on the consensus of our very best minds, again, minds that are not addicted to the white supremacy imagination.

We have every right to consider self-determination and sovereignty on this land that contains our sweat, blood and bones. There may come the realization that we must partition America for those too alienated, traumatized and full of grief for all the wrongs done to us since our sojourn here. We would be a danger to ourselves and others if we remained here in a state of total discontent and recalcitrance. Pakistan's separation from India is an example, our the likely independence of the Southern Sudan from the North is a present model.

But this is for our thinkers to consider in harmony with the masses, probably in some future plebiscite or vote of the people when matters reach the point of no justice, no peace. It is no different from a wife and husband who reach irreconcilable difference and must separate and divorce.

Those who wish to remain a part of this Republic, if such exists in the future, have the human right to do so. Again, the world is full of infinite possibilities and we flow with the flow, except we are not a boat without a rudder or an anchor. The future is for those who plan ahead, strategically and tactically.
--Marvin X

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