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12. The Unity of God

Toward the Unity of North American Africans

12. The Unity of God

When we achieve god consciousness, only then are we ready to accept the necessity of unity with each other, for we know, not believe, we know there is a universal energy ruling the planet and universe, and therefore our highest desire is to be in tune with that Divine energy, so we declare we are indeed part of the One, united with the One, and thus we are in harmony with all that is, was, and shall be. We then transcend religiosity, sectarianism, dogmatism and narrow mindedness.

It is not important to us how another flows in the great ocean called life, so long as they flow and stay afloat and do not drown, for if and when they appear to be drowning we are duty bound to assist them, but only if and when they are willing to be saved, to escape the water into our safety net. We are not to allow them to cause us to drown because they refuse to make any effort to save themselves but keep going against the current, especially the counter flow. In their ignorance, there are those who will pull you down so you can drown with them.

We must help our brothers and sisters see the light that shines freely for all to see except those who desire to live in darkness. The hour is late to tarry in Jerusalem. The unity of God is all around, it is all there is, God is all, all is God. That which is not God is illusion, the one billion ten million illusions of the monkey mind Bawa taught us.

Knowledge of the Unity of God allows us the power and authority to transcend sects, cults, organizations, associations, congregations, for we can be in this world but not of this world, the world of small things, microdots in the time and space of the Divine order. And there is an order, a method to the madness, if we look, if we see, if we listen, if we hear, if we still ourselves into the motion of the ocean.

We fear nothing, for God is all, the One Mind, One thought, one truth, one reality. The gods, the ancestors, the angels, all submit to the One, the Unity, the Divinity, the Supreme Energy that propels all things, all beings, submit to the Unity of God. All the prophets, all the saints, all the messengers had but one message: love.

Only when we are devoid of love do we desire disunity, disharmony, division, hatred, jealousy, envy. These are thoughts of the monkey mind, not the Divine mind. So we must aspire to the Divine which is our essence. Not our humanity, not our Africanity, but our Divinity is our essence.

And when we go there, we see nothing is more clear to us than that we are of the Divine.
We cannot arrive at the door of the Divine until we have gone through the process of detoxification and recovery of our god consciousness, only then can we see the man in the mirror. Only then can we remember the time when we were Divine. Only then shall we have the strength to know the Unity of God and the unity of man, and nothing else shall be acceptable to us. We shall reject all religiosity, all sectarianism, all cultism, tribalism, even nationalism, except the Nation of God.

The Nation of God transcends Pan Africanism for we may find there are those who we must recognize as members in the Nation of God who are not African, but we know they have achieved God consciousness, while their may be Africans who desire to linger on the animal plane of materialism, pussy and dick, guns and the illusion of power, ego, domination and greed.

Those willing to look up at the sun, moon, and stars shall see clearly what is meant here, but those who refuse to look up shall continue in their inordinancy, blindly wandering on. They are like the man in the class with the learned astronomer who was commanded to leave the classroom and go outside to view the stars in all their glory. See Walt Whitman's poem.

And so we give praise to all things, for things are of, for and by the power of the Divine. And all things are connected to the seed of a seed of a seed of the first seed. We know the earth, water, air, fire are connected in a motion of harmony, love and kindness. And we flow in this same motion in the ocean.

We cannot separate from that which is our essence. You are in God, God is in you. There is nothing else to know. Your search is over, but your work has just begun, for we must reach out now in selflessness to spread the knowledge, share the wealth, the richness we have now been blessed with, richness better than silver and gold, diamonds and rubies.
--Marvin X

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