Monday, October 18, 2010

Thinking Out da Box

Thinking Out of the Box
of Pax Americana

A free man exercises the divine and human right to self determination in his thinking and right actions. He thus thinks globally but acts locally, for he must remain grounded in the reality that surrounds him. He cannot get lost in the stars, in the other worldliness of global events to the extent he loses focus on events in his daily round.

For sure, he must, as Baraka urges us, stop thinking like an American, since he is never treated as an American for one moment, despite all pronouncements claiming his American citizenship, yet we ask a simple question, why does the voting rights act need renewal to affirm he is a citizen like all others? The African proverb tells us that wood may remain in the water ten years but will never become a crocodile!

But it is an awesome task to command his thinking apparatus to transcend the American mythology of lies, deception, innuendo and circumlocution that confounds his very being, keeping him in a state of nothingness and dread. In his utter denial, he claims a healthy mental condition, while we know better, we know the severe stress brought on by a continual social insecurity that persists even when we would think things are getting better--look who's in the White House, surely time has brought about a change, surely it is no illusion or delusion that he is now king of the hill!

Ah, don't be fooled by the one billion illusions of the monkey mind, Guru Bawa taught us. What appears to be is not! It is a charade, a masquerade that shall surely be over 'round midnight!

But how shall we think, how shall we climb out the box of our negrocities (an inflamation of the negroid gland at the base of the brain caused by bad habits--said Baraka in A Black Mass, "Where the soul's print should be there is only a cellulose pouch of disgusting habits!".

We must find a quiet place to still ourselves, to detoxify from the world of make believe, the world of conspicuous consumption. Discard the cell phone, the giant TV brainwashing you and your family. Remove your children from the enemy schools, after all, they come home hating you and everything you're about, and you wonder why! What people in their right minds would send their children to the enemy to be educated?

So come out of denial we enjoy a healthy mental state, admit to ourselves and another the degree of our sickness, our nothingness and dread. Yes, it is a painful realization but we must finally be true to ourselves, our mates and children. We will not conjure the energy to inform our children we live in a war zone, a low intensity war but war none the less. After all, we attend the last rites of our children on a constant basis coast to coast. Yet, we do not force upon them the need to don the armor of God, we send them naked into the battlefield, yes, with pants sagging off their behinds! What soldier would enter the battlefield in such a wretched condition. What sane parent would allow their children to go out into the battlefield so utterly unprepared? The Boy Scouts taught us to "be prepared"!

Each day we see the rapidly deteriorating condition of our people. We observe their physical and mental aliments. yes, even the doctors are sick! Many of the doctors maintain a residue of faith in Pax Americana, just as we maintained faith in ole Massa, even when we were emancipated, for where shall we go and how shall we get there, unless a Harriet Tubman comes along with pistol in hand to dare us turn around on the pain of death! We love you ancestor Harriet! What did she say, "I could have freed more slaves if they had known they were slaves!"
--Marvin X

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