Saturday, August 14, 2010

Academy of Da Corner at Berkeley Flea Market

Academy of Da Corner at Berkeley Flea Market

Rashidah Sabreen, vocalist, musician,
dancer, Linda Johnson, choreographer/dancer, and Raynetta Rayzetta, choreographer/dancer, will participate in the Bay Area Black Theatre Festival. We anticipate drummer Val Serrant, in background,
will participate as well.

Marvin X's Academy of Da Corner received tentative support for the Bay Area Black Theatre Festival at the Berkeley Flea Market. A representative of Laney College BSU pledged support. Brother Tim, a BSU leader, missed the black plays performed last Sunday at the San Francisco Theatre Festival. Marvin X chided him for missing the performance of his friend, rapper Ghetto Prophet in X's Flowers for the Trashman. Hopefully, one venue for the BABTF will be the Laney College Theatre, X's former classroom when he taught theatre at Laney, 1981, and produced In the Name of Love.

Possible venues include Malonga Theatre, Black Repertory Group Theatre, EGYPT theatre, Berkeley Repertory Theatre and the Buriel Clay Theatre in San Francisco.

After discussing the festival idea with a painter, X suggested painters should exhibit their works at the festival, including Dewey Crumpler, Arthur Monroe, Ted Pontiflet, et al. Actually, after seeing , director, painter Paul Roach make use of his paintings in his dramatic productions, X thinks this is a way to make the paintings more functional as part of the set.

The Oakland Post and OCCUR have agreed to be sponsors. If you or your organization would like to be a sponsor of the Bay Area Theatre Festival, please contact Marvin X ASAP.

If Bay Area folks would like to get a taste of works that will be performed at the festival, they are encouraged to make their way to West Oakland's Thea Bowman Theatre, 10th and Peralta. Go attend the Lower Bottom Playaz production of Mama at Twilight. After three years, Ayodele Nzingha's crew have created a well oiled production, despite the cold. Last night a woman said during the Q and A that the play is worth defying the cold of the outside theatre. We agree,
we doubt there is a finer group of actors, especially young actors in Bay Area black theatre.

Their lines are well timed, movement also. And the leit motif musical arrangement is a perfect enhancement of the drama, accenting the action at every turn. We thank the technical crew for their perfection.

Ayodele has written, directed and produced a classic in the genre of black family drama, on par with Raisin in the Sun. The subject is AIDS and the problems thereof, denial, infidelity, faith, and family cohesion. The actors must all be congratulated for their concentration and dedication to the art of drama, especially the young members of the cast. Cat Brooks as Mama was remarkable in her portrayal of an infected wife who has the faith of Job that her husband didn't infect her since he is HIV negative. There is a hint the wife may have indulged with her deacon, or her husband may have had a gay encounter while in prison. Adimu Madyun as Pappi has a powerful voice although some variation in range may add another level to his character.

Koran Jenkins as Kris is coming into his own as a young actor. Along with his brother Stanley as Sun, and Tatiana Monet as Toyna, we see the next generation of actors evolving before our eyes and we are pleased.

Ayodele asked someone in the audience what they thought about her "McGwyver Theatre"? Well, we can say again that it is a well oiled machine: Cast, tech crew, director.

Don't miss a work of art in the hood. The cultural revolution lives!

Performance dates:

August 13,14, 20,21, 7:30 pm.
August 15 and 22, 2pm.
Tickets $20.00, $15.00
Call 510.835.8683

Sister Thea Bowman Memorial Theatre
920 Peralta Street, Oakland 94607
--Marvin X

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