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Parable of the Colored People

Parable of Colored People

There was a world consumed by color. One man named DuBois called it the problem of the color line. In a place called Amirika there were people who lived behind the color curtain, also know as the Vail, the black belt and cotton curtain, also known as ghetto and da hood.

The world was divided between north and south on the basis of color, money and technical development. There was the northern cradle or white world and the southern cradle or dark world. For centuries the northern cradle controlled the south, causing much underdevelopment, including poverty, ignorance and disease. And yet the south was full of natural resources, precious minerals and metals, and of course human labor, the most precious resource exploited by the North.

The South struggled for justice and liberation, but was only able to advance from raw colonialism to neo-colonialism, or colonialism playing possum, for the people were given a sham freedom, including their own black or dark face leaders, their own national anthem, their own educated elite monkeys and administrators, but not control over their banks and connection to global finance.

In the last days of Northern Cradle color power domination, they even elected a colored man to represent them. But it was the same old song, only in black face. The colored man was able to hoodwink and bamboozle the Southern Cradle people, including those behind the color curtain, or cotton curtain, or black belt ghetto, hood. Yes, they put a hood over the hood. In the hood, behind the Vail, the people sang their national anthem Silent Night, a lullaby to put the Southern people to sleep.

The whole world celebrated the selection called election of the colored man as king of the North, but this was only a delay tactic to prevent a changing of the guard, the rise of the South to global power. It gave the North an extension of time to rule, for it confused the Southern people that progress was being made, that justice had finally come beyond neo-colonialism or colonialism playing possum.

Meanwhile, it was business as usual. The North continued its permanent wars against the South with thousands of military bases around the world, including a network of spies, snitches, stooges and snakes of every kind to insure business as usual, only with a colored mask.

The colored elite educators and administrators were all corrupt and faced charges for their greed and wickedness in high places. They had joined in the theft of life of the poor, joined in keeping them ignorant and full of disease. They took bribes, grants and loans from the North and put it in Northern banks. One man put the money in his freezer, he wanted hard, cold cash. Others made trips to the North to check on their bank accounts, while there wined and dinned with Northern women, winking and blinking at each other all night in fine restaurants and dance clubs. They performed strange acts of the monkey mind, climbing poles and inserting objects inside their bodies while winking and blinking at each other.

And then one day the Sun, Moon and Stars looked down on the colored peoples, those of the North and South. The Sun didn't like what it saw, nor did the moon and stars. They decided to take matters in their own hands and correct the situation. They had done so off and on for trillions of years, whenever the earth got out of hand. And so it was. The Sun melted the snow and the seas and rivers flooded the lands.

The people were told to seek higher ground but they refused and continued partying, winking and blinking late into the night. The sea level raised to levels never seen before, islands submerged, sea coasts disappeared, but the people continued to party late into the night, until the moon and stars no longer wished to give them light, until there was no hiding place, not even in the mountains, for the mountains crumbled like sand castles when the tide comes upon the shore.

A few of the elite of the North tried to escape to outer space but there they encountered colored people from the South who had mother planes and space ships of far superior quality and were able to destroy them merely by a glance of their eyes.

The masses of colored people of the South and a very few from the North humbled themselves before the Sun, Moon and Stars. They were allowed to begin again a civilization based on true love, brotherhood, sisterhood, and justice for all.
--Marvin X

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